shoes and bags and pretty things

I bought this spring jacket/coat thing.


I probably shouldn't have, but it wasn't outrageously expensive and my "spring coat"
is in tatters. Really.
Also, it looks one hundred times better on me than on the mannequin - I'll try to get you a picture...

I'm admiring all kinds of lovely spring things...

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like this hallway -
well, not really. But I am admiring this hallway and then realizing that I like the setting because it's in a Japanese magazine. But if I were to encounter this hallway in real life I just know that I would scrape my ankle bone on that bike pedal every time I walked past it. Why is everything so romanticized in Japanese magazines? Look at those exposed pipes. I would never be happy with those.

window lifted from

Isn't this pretty?
I have a lot of time on my hands to contemplate decorating the OUTSIDE OF MY WINDOWSILLS.
I lifted this photo from somewhere because I thought it was so nice - sadly, I don't know where I lifted it from...if it is from a blogger I am awfully sorry I haven't credited you properly or asked permission...

Here - take your mind off it with this wee bag -

wee green bag

reduced to $50, I think...
I like to carry either a great huge handbag or a wee tiny one. And I would carry this wee tiny one, so go! go order it from Anthro, a place about which I am feeling very ambivalent about, and then, come right back and convince me to give them another shot or, alternatively, justify my grudge against them by agreeing with the notion that I am a mere demographic for them. GO.

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Is this not the coolest riding toy in the whole world?
It is AT LEAST THE COOLEST RIDING TOY IN TUVALU. (Can someone fill the new commenter in re Tuvalu please?)


My god. It's full of stars.
(this is a test)

pixie necklace

Isn't this a lovely tiny treasure?
It is.
And it's like $40 or something.
A good gift.
For any occasion.

palladium boot

I still want these.
They are OUT OF STOCK in my size.
(I suspect K arranged this somehow.)

other palladium boots

These are the spring version.

orange bag

Is this little bag orange?
Orange might not be so good.

(Do you know, one time, my mom circled one thing on each page of a catalogue she had received, the way people do sometimes. A wish list. And then she put the catalogue down and forgot about it and MY DAD ordered each and every one of the things. Imagine such a gift? Don't get carried away with your thoughts - it wasn't the Tiffany catalogue, but it wasn't Lilian Vernon either.)

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From Amsterdam -

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these too. Koos shoes.
We can't have them.
We even know someone traveling to Amsterdam who is not going to pick them up for us.
Don't be sad about it -
look at all my flickr comments!

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Much encouragement on the flickr front.
The downside is remembering to check in on the flickr front and respond to these kind folks...which reminds me: if you leave a comment for me HERE, why not register an email address with blogger? Because, if you do, I CAN RESPOND TO YOUR COMMENT, personally, which may be DELIGHTFUL FOR BOTH OF US.

I'm sorry, do I seem pushy today?
My left eye has a twitch.
It has been twitching for THREE DAYS.
It is starting to bother me.
Perhaps I need vitamins, wine, drugs - it's hard to say.
Please don't suggest discontinuing caffeine.
I haven't had caffeine in 22 years. Intentionally anyway.


Badger said…
You have a German Flickr commenter! How cool!

And dude. I had an eye twitch that lasted like THREE MONTHS. I am not kidding. I have no idea what finally made it go away. Let's just SUPPOSE it was the wine, okay?
Eliane said…
I think it is why I like you, your taste is almost Dutch! Even that bike in the hallway, we have one too.
Susie Sunshine said…
I have off and on eye twitching in my right eye. I hate it and have no idea wtf the trigger is.

Unadorable spring coat? Scooterlessness?
Unbedecked external sillage?

The possibilities are endless, really. I'm grateful that only my eye twitches at this point.
Paula said…
Sometime the eye twitch thing just starts like Badger says, and last for months or sometimes days and then it goes, but always returns sometimes not for months.

The twitching is the stressfull thing all on it's own.

Like every other freakin' thing in my life right now is probably a sign of...well, you know.
Anonymous said…
What your Dad did for your Mom? Wow. Just, wow.

I have never had an eye twitch. I don't think I want one either. Maybe your eye is twitching because Survivor skipped a week?

And, incidentally, I don't know how to register and e mail address with blogger or I would. But, I am fairly certain I have never commented anything worthy of a response.

That's all!
blackbird said…
Mel - go to and open an account...

I know you've commented before, and if I had an email addy I could say
'thanks for your kind words'
that's all!
robiewankenobie said…
i've been coveting some of these.

i think the twitch is a result of all the non-twitching that you've been doing. new shoes. a ride on the scooter. and then, perhaps, some wine? i must warn you. i'm not a real doctor. i just play one on the internets.

~ dr. robiewankenobie
BabelBabe said…
Pirata - It's not really Tuvalu. But if it were, it'd be an South Pacific atoll. But it's not.

Bbird - I like the green boots but not the spring version. And I will bet you look adorable in that coat.
Anonymous said…
Oh I love those shoes. I also love the button movie.
Anonymous said…
That would be lovely to register with blogger, but sometimes blogger is a big pain the arse and even though you have a blog with them will not confirm your gosh darn new google/blogger email thing and let your comment with the god damn thing! I'm eye twitchy today as well.

The outside windowsill picture is very pretty. If I lived there however, the rock garden would get rearranged often as it's too inviting to use one in beaming a neighbors window. Only when they're being too loud of course.
Anonymous said…
I'm going with the wine cure.

But then, I would.
Anonymous said…
The only thing better than the new coat and the scooter is riding on the scooter while wearing the new coat. I NEED that coat.

I've been meaning to tell you that just a little while back I had a horrible time even viewing your blog comments. I'm afraid to push my luck trying to register somewhere.
Suse said…
Eye twitches are a sign of fatigue. It's your body saying GET MORE SLEEP.

After Son #3 was born my left eye twitched for a YEAR. And that in itself made me really really tired.

I love those cream shoes. Shall we meet in Amsterdam and buy matching shoes?
kt said…
2010, right?

The button movie rules.
Kathryn said…
I L-O-V-E Palladium shoes! They are loverly (I have a pair or two...)

Because I like everything in your pictures, I believe you to have excellent taste (wink, wink).

My eye was atwitter today, too!
--erica said…
hate twitchy eyes.

no suggestions.
Jennifer said…
I thought I was reading wrong when I read that you had a twitch in your eye.

Because I have a twitch in my eye too. Only my right eye. And I have had this sort of twitch before, and it lasts for days. 6 days was the longest on my record.

anyways... the shoes...I love the ones from Amsterdam
Unknown said…
Hey, re those Koos shoes, I'm just about to put a pair on ebay. They look like this: They're pretty awesome. let me know if you're interested, or just search for koos on ebay. Cheers