I've got drums in the basement and Dick Dale in the living room

-Just home from church.
Youngest is killing rabbits on a wii game, Middle is working out a drum beat and Oldest and I are the walking dead.
He spent the night here and we decided to brave a trip to Target (at 3:45 AM) to get a wii for his place in the north.


I'll tell ya, now that you're listening, sitting for 4 hours in the middle of the night with my son Oldest is quite an experience. We were too tired for any deep talk and were forced out of the car when someone made a move at 5:45.

530 35

Once ensconced in our Dick's chairs (see earlier post on Dick's chairs which I am too lazy to link to)


we settled in with a bunch of other people to wait it out until numbers were distributed (7:05 AM).
It was a nice bunch of folks -
a woman buying a wii for her boyfriend who traveled 100 miles
a father and his 9 year old son
a dad with a 10 and 12 year old pestering him from his cell phone
a man in khakis who barely knew what he was there to buy
a lady with an accent and heels
They handed out numbers and I was #1, Oldest #2.
We were instructed to return and resume the lining up at 8 - and secure in the knowlege that we could, in fact, purchase wiis, Oldest invited everyone to the diner.
Off we went for some quick egg sandwiches with three strangers.


Oldest entertained them with all manner of tales from the north and when the check came it was pretty close to 8.
We hot-tailed it back to the line and Oldest bought a wii and a bunch of games.
We wandered around a little bit and saw the friends from the diner (never got their names).
We all seemed to be exhausted but glowing from the success of the morning.
We felt like heroes in some small, horrible consumerist way.

After rushing home and a quick shower, I nearly fell asleep during the sermon on immortality.
I saw my pal M, the psychic, just after the service:
are you guys okay? she asked, I drove past your house a couple of weeks ago and it was screaming.
I knew exactly what she was referring to.
Not actual screaming, of course, but screaming nonetheless.
We've been moving to a higher plane, she told me, evolving, and that evolution has been painful and humanity has been screaming.
But now that the eclipse has passed, and it's March, we are all going to be okay.
That's what she said...really.
And I sort of knew that, and that's one of the many reasons we go to our church -
to know that everything is going to be okay.
It's just interesting that this week we were ministered to in a different way...


MsCellania said…
Oh yes; I feel it too. The shifting of the universe.

Oldest will remember this wii event with you forever. I know my children will be getting addicted to such things. And not want to sit in the same chair with me all the time.

I'm glad you've had confirmation that things are on the upswing.
Anonymous said…
Wow - a church and a psychic. That's hugely convenient. Glad to hear that we will better now that the eclipse is over. You are a very good mother. Target at 4:00 a.m.! I wouldn't dare buy a wii right now, not the way all the technology at our house is breaking down.
Anonymous said…
I know this is from an older post, and I know I RARELY comment here but, how can you stand watching Sandra Lee? I can take her for about 5 minutes, then after counting her use the word "NOW" about 100 times, I gotta change the channel. I can't stand watching people starting their sentences with the word NOW. Our local news field reporters do that and it seems to be the difference between them and the Pros. Next time you watch Semi Home Maid (!) count how many times she says NOW. It'll get to you - besides Ina Garten RULES!
Scot in Colorado Springs
blackbird said…
Great Scot -
as IF I didn't have enough of a headache watching her AT ALL, now I will hear her say NOW all the TIME.


Ina does rule - I love her.
Anonymous said…
You wouldn't need a pyschic to hear the screaming at our house. It IS actual screaming ... as in, when people pass over our threshold it is almost as if the art of talking escapes them and yelling must ensue.

Especially people under the age of 10.

MsCellania said…
Oh - and I've always said "High-Tailed It"
You say "Hot-Tailed It"
Poppy B. said…
I'm gloating.

And grinning.

Guess who's getting Blackbird's Wii?

I am.

Or, more accurately, my son.

Joke said…
This is all very well and good, but I wanna know what the house was screaming.

Anonymous said…
um. All that psychic stuff may be above my level of intelligence (as is most of your blog) but if a psychic told me my house was screaming... I would move.

I'm just sayin'.
jenny said…
damn that poppy buxom...

i was just going to ask what happened to ticket number one!

glad to see your house is quieting down.
Anonymous said…
Target at 3:45am????
See, we don't get fun stuff like that...
Alice said…
You are the nicest mom eva! For serious, he better have thanked you big time!