it's only Wednesday

But we watched Survivor (recap coming in the morning),
there is a toilet in my bedroom, and
there is no door on my bathroom (it is propped up in my bedroom).
K is taking my car tomorrow (which will make it hard to hide from the workers) and I'm announcing now that we will be having leftovers.

I have to say - I fully expected to be scolded a little today, for not being tolerant of the mother's group at the coffee shop, and you surprised me.
So, thank you for that - the not scolding.

I also have to show you this:

number one

I'm getting at least 50 hits a day...


jenny said…
how many are you getting for "breaking my fart" though???
Anonymous said…
I missed a chance to scold you? Dammit.

Okay, I just went and read yesterday's post. I'm going to have to weigh in on your side.