it just depends on how you look at it

Our tile is DONE.
The bathroom is a bit of a wreck. We await tape and spackle, the sink, paint, venetian blinds.

I scratched my six month old eyeglass lens. The lady at the optometrist office found a flaw in the lens and new ones are covered by insurance.

Our dental coverage had been reinstated. It only took four phone calls and a morning of stress.

I locked myself out of the house, but my fabulous neighbor was home and let me sit and think of what to do - and asked if Middle had a key...he did, I went and got it, and let myself back in.

If I sit on the bathroom floor and stare at all that tile I see every tiny imperfection, every bump, every tiny spec that needs more grout or less.
But, if I stand up and back out of the room, and let my eyes take in the whole room...
it's really very pretty.


jenny said…
girl, i'm pretty sure you paid EXTRA for all those bumps and imperfections.

how much longer until it's complete?
Anonymous said…
same here with the kitchen tiles :)
Paula said…
I needed to hear that.

Thanks for reminding me.
Suse said…
This is Joke's cue to send you the same very funny link that he sent me when I posted my glass half empty post just last week.
Anonymous said…
I am glad it's finished and you're happy with it.
Believe me, we can all find flaws everywhere depending on how we look at's ALWAYS a half full/half empty situation.
Joke said…
Gack. I misread that as vegetarian blinds. I need espresso.

Oh, as per Suse's suggestion: