I'm itching to wash down the bathroom.


But I'm waiting for the plumber.


- It wouldn't stop running, and I know how to fix it, but I have another little project for him...

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So there's no point in scrubbing up all the grout until AFTER he brings his muddy boots upstairs.


I'll bet polished nickel is hard to keep shiny. That's what I'll bet.
And I've got TONS OF IT.

another try

This is my final try for Method products. I've found them disappointing in the past, as you well know, but I've read that this scent is lovely, and, god knows, there will be a lot of spraying done so I may as well appreciate the scent. (Not for polished nickel though, I think I need Maas for that.)


I've already been to the market today. And I remembered my green bags.
Dinner party tomorrow night. I bought what I could remember from the recipes (the same citrus salad as last weekend, jambalaya). Oh! I need to start a bread!


A breath taking haircut. IT TAKES AWAY MY BREATH.

I'm off -
the house smells like grout, mud, workmen, and dog.


They've just phoned.
The plumber is running late.


islaygirl said…
ADORE the tile,
islaygirl said…
oh, that was supposed to be "ADORE the tile." period. full stop.
Paula said…
Did you get that cool (warm) floor heating system for tile? If it was colder here I would.

Your tile looks lovely.
Anonymous said…
That is a cute haircut, but the bangs worry me. I'm afraid they'd end up sticking halfway down my forehead and make me look like Mamie Eisenhower.

Only old people will know what I mean by that.
Anonymous said…
Love the tiles and LOVED your reflection in the shower knob. Very PRO.
I can smell the bread...
Velma said…
Love, love, love the tile. Am a little weirded out by seeing my answering machine and phone sitting in your house, though.
Elan Morgan said…
I love, love, love the tiling in your bathroom. I slaver.

Why doesn't this comment pop-up box work properly in Firefox? I can't read half of what I'm typing on the right side, and I can't read the right side of the comments, either.
blackbird said…
does anyone remember that I tend to look like Mamie Eisenhower?
jenny said…
is that the scent of your candle?

grout, workmen and dog?

you might want to put it away during the dinner party.
RW said…
I love that haircut - is that from an advert? What are they advertising? What magazine did you find it in?

I quite like the tile too.
Sandy said…
Kohler toilet? We renovated our bathroom a few years ago and we have a Kohler toilet like that and it was more expensive than my husband it was my Valentine's Day present!
Suse said…
That groutmud&dog scent is so last season, dahling.

It's all badegg&catspiss these days.
blackbird said…
paula - we did not get radiant heating, K wanted it and didn't do it after investigating (also after a worker said: you got a radiator right here!)

Velma - you do have a few messages.

RW - the haircut is from one of those ridiculous haircut magazines in the salon. But I saw it a year ago and fell in love with it and was talking to the lady who cuts my hair (who is not me, but is sometimes me) and told her I wanted something a little different, opened the magazine in front of me AND THERE IT WAS. FATE.

rpm - yep. Kohler Rialto, came with the house.

Suse - I'm saving my
justbeentothebeachsweatyhot candle for june, just so you know.
--erica said…