fare thee well Amber Sunset

Like a jilted lover
a cuckolded husband
you've hidden from sight
yea, though I've read of your discontinuance,
I prefer to believe that my love for you was too much-
that my praise was heard around the globe
overwhelming you.

But fear not -
dismiss me as you will
for I have found a new companion
a companion who brings me the joy of beaches and warm sun
and, indeed, works better with my decor

I should feel confident
alas, I should bask in the glory of this new discovery
sadly, I cannot
as I'm sure my new love
is only available seasonally.

Damn Yankees.

sun and sand


Paula said…
Mine is Dog Hair and Dust.


I need to start spring cleaning.
MsCellania said…
I initially read your tag as "Badgerandcatpiss" and I thought, "Hmmmmmm, she's met Badger?"
Gullible am I.
I'll give your new find a whiff today.
Badger said…
Okay, this is how rumors get started. So I would like to state for the record that I DO NOT smell like cat piss.
MsCellania said…
This candle smells like coppertone sun tan lotion - the olde stuff. I got a whiff and immediately thought of that ad with the little girl with dog hanging on to her via her underpants, exposing her white butt.

So Glad we cleared up that odour thing, Badger. I have to say that alot of perfumes smell like Raid on me. Guess I should be glad it's not cat piss.
Suse said…
A label created just for me.

True love indeed.
Joke said…
I feel your pain, in an unrelated way.