everyone's talking

about Amy Winehouse.
I think this is the most telling piece about her.
I feel like she is channelling an old old voice in her too young body.
Watch the interview at the top of the page...


Unknown said…
did you see her on David Letterman? She was astounding. I looked at her, looked at my friend, and said, "She's like one of the original Supremes reborn white." She's filled with soul.
Anonymous said…
Sweet Fancy Moses, everyone is talking! My brother, who is 23 and a Navy nuclear meachanic currently somewhere under the ocean, who listens to KMFDM and Metallica, just sent me an email this very morning about Amy Winehouse. He went to the trouble of sending a danged email from a submarine to tell me about her.

OK, I am going to check out the interview now.
Anonymous said…
can you believe that I had to google Amy Winehouse? I mean Vague's brother is on a submarine and emailing about her!!! I feel so dumb this morning...
robiewankenobie said…
i sat through about two seconds of that interview before i had to go screaming from the room.
Badger said…
I can't see the interview and have only heard one of her songs, but I am just NOT THAT INTO HER.
Anonymous said…
Okay..I must have missed the button on my last comment but.

I love her LOVE HER L-O-V-E H-E-R.
Sure, she's a train wreck, but she sings like a goddess! And folks, she's 23. TWENTY THREE. What were you wearing, saying and doing at 23?

I was in the store the DAY HER CD CAME OUT. I never do that anymore. I mean we have iTunes, who needs to go buy the whole thing anymore? But oh how i love it. This summer will find me driving around in the pick up, windows down singing Me and Mr. Jones at the top of my lungs..."What kind of Fuckery is this? You made me miss the slick rick gig...What kind of fuckery are we? Nowadays you don't mean dick to me (dick to me) ". Shit it's what Ronnie wanted to sing to Phil come forward 40 years!

Try this older track perhaps


pre beehive...

and with the awesome Paul Weller alongside
chills i tell you chills!!!!!