an actual email to the woman who made our new bathroom tile

Tiles arrived yesterday -
gorgeous of course.
This morning we stood with the tile men -
"you couldn't just buy white square tiles from Home Depot?" they asked -
I boasted, "we had these MADE."
We don't put much space between them they told me - you don't want too much grout, they warned -
I said okay and went out...

Four phone calls:

1. These tiles aren't really square (I know, they ARE HANDMADE)


2. Do they all go in the same direction? (yes, look at the back of them, they work better if they run in the same direction)


3. We can't butt them up tightly against each other! (I KNOW, THEY ARE HANDMADE)

hand MADE tile

4. I think you'd better come and look!

They look great - uneven just a teeny bit, beautiful color, AND HANDMADE LOOKING.

Enjoy the photos - I'm looking forward to grout...


jenny said…
first off, your shower? with a bench? i love it.

but the uneven tiles would have me a bit nutso.

I can imagine the contractors talking to each other in between phone calls...cursing you in one breath and worried you'll hate it in the next.
Velma said…
Oooooooh - pritty! I can hardly wait to see what color the grout is!
Paula said…
I said it before, I'll say it again; you are going to LOVE the bench.


If you like your handmade tiles, you should have your handmade tiles. Let 'em scatch their heads all they want.
Sarah Louise said…
Lovely. A bench sounds wonderful!! And handmade? Cool.
Anonymous said…
I'm jealous of the shower bench.
Anonymous said…
This would have been a perfect job for hubby's tile man, he's a wizard and frankly he would have avoided that gap in between tiles.
All I want to say: sorry we're so far away. But maybe, next time, you could get your personal oversea's contractor adn tile man along with your hand made tiles??? UH?
It's adorable.
Anonymous said…
Hey! those tiles look like they could be handmade. They look absolutely wonderful.
Elan Morgan said…
Your tiles are bee-yoo-tee-ful. I have extreme tile envy. Now I must go give my cheap tub surround the cut eye.
Anonymous said…
Didn't K put a stop to the subway looking tile? Or did you win him over with HANDMADE? (or my brain could be remembering "subway" looking different. not that you care.)

What color grout are you using?
blackbird said…
Subway tile is RECTANGLES set in a staggered pattern like bricks...
K would have liked a black slate bathroom with cascading water and river rocks -
the squares are a compromise.
tut-tut said…
Once that grout's in there, it will look fab. But . . . oversee the first part when the tilers are working, no matter how much you want to hide out over at the coffee shop.
Joke said…
The problem with a slate bathroom with cascading water is that it reminds me of the Great Outdoors and, frankly, there isn't enough therapy in the world that'd induce me to shower under those circumstances.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bench. Nothing like taking a shower sitting down. Almost TOO relaxing.

The nerve of those artisans, with their handmadeness and their craftspersonship!


P.S. Were these handmade locally or did you find some excellent source somewhere? 'Cause I'm thinking something like this could make my life much easier in the kitchen remodel.
Anonymous said…
Allow me to join the chorus of those demanding to know if there will be colored grout. Or what?

Cool tiles.

We have a bench in our shower. It is the Best Thing.
blackbird said…
The grout is antique white...
pretty much the same color as the tiles.
christina said…
We used handmade white tiles too, for our kitchen back splash. I love the irregularity of them.
Anonymous said…
Those tiles? So totally NOT from Home Depot. Does the bench have a slight downward slant so water doesn't pool on it? I'm sure your installers figured that one out. They're professionals, right? They do this for a living. They think of everything.