oh yes, it's time: Survivor returns

That's the way I like it...everyone off doing their own jobs...Youngest and Middle at their schools, Oldest off being a manny, K producing a production, me, here - doing laundry.
So many wrenches have been thrown into my sense of order lately though -
and that is why I am so happy THAT THERE IS ORDER IN THE UNIVERSE,
as Survivor is scheduled to resume on February 8th.
And, whether you want me to or not, I'm going to tell you about the contestants.
(You know you want me to...)

They are:

Alex was born in South American but moved to California and then went to Harvard. He's cute looking, but in a sensitive way - don't let that fool you though, he likes to BOX. He drinks martinis, scotch and he's a lawyer. A lawyer who probably looks good without a shirt. But what else is new?

Anthony is another cutie (why does this not surprise me? ugly people on Survivor? no.) who lives in Compton with his mom and grandmother. I hear it's cool to live in Compton, but it wasn't when we looked at real estate in California. Anyway, his occupation is listed as Expert Witness Locator. I like that. Precise. Surprise! He went to Yale! He likes Twinkies and the scent of pipe tobacco.

Boo: Boo! Okay, he's from Louisiana and guys have names like that there. He's a construction worker and looks like he doesn't take crap from anyone, so I'm guessing the whole BOO thing hasn't been a problem. Surprisingly, he likes strawberry daiquiris which we've always considered kind of a froofroo drink. On the other hand, he lists his favorite scent as FOOD.

I'm guessing Cassandra, at 42, is one of the 'older players' but I'm not halfway through the list yet. She is also from Los Angeles. Cassandra participates in events to raise funds and awareness for Minority Women and Children with AIDS and Breast Cancer Research. Additionally, she is Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Southeast Communities Prevention and Intervention Program. So. I have nothing snarky to say about her. She's a grown-up who does good work. We'll be cheering for her.

Dre is easy on the eyes too...he's a cheerleading coach from very humble beginnings. Dre describes himself as humorous, energetic and intelligent. Describing his perfect day, he says, "When everybody is happy all day... that's a perfect day." So I have a huge crush on him from the get-go. He likes Shel Silverstein and Fruity Pebbles.

Earl is in advertising. He's a musician and appears as full bodied as his favorite list. He's from California, he's 35, he's good looking and if he doesn't do anything remarkable in the first few episodes, I'm sure I'll forget who he is.

Egardo is from Florida and also works in advertising. I don't think I'll have any trouble remembering him... Egarrrrrrrrrdo.

Erica is from Louisiana too...I foresee bonding in her future. Young. Great smile. Fundraiser.
I've got nothin. She likes apple juice.

Here's our 'old guy.' Gary is a 55 year old school bus driver. He also works in carpentry and was a barber for 14 years. These are all skills which will serve him well. Plus he has an athletic background and has done a bunch of outdoor endurance kind of stuff - a real renaissance player! He drinks beer and bloody marys, which, in my eyes, rounds him out well.

James is a 28 year old bartender from....wait for it....CALIFORNIA. He served in the Navy and likes to work out. I know I am going to spend a few weeks confusing him with Alex, visually anyway.

Jessica is 27 and a fashion stylist and from...oh, forget it...

Liliana "is currently a mortgage loan officer in Los Angeles where she helps people buy, sell and/or refinance properties." (I'm so glad that the CBS team cleared that up for me, I had no idea what mortgage loan officers did.) "She aspires to pursue a career as an entertainer as her passion has always been with the arts and working with children." (So, what then? birthday party clown/mime work?) I'm not telling you where she's from.

Lisi is 36, has lived on and off in New York City, is a customer service rep for a psychic service company and describes herself as an "Underground Electropunk Noise Artist" and has procured quite a following (she had a hit in France in 2004). She went to film school too. My guess is that she is our 'unconventional' player and that she's got a bunch of tattoos or tribal markings somewhere.

Oh, no, wait - it might be Michelle who is unconventional. I think she has dreds. She's a student and definitely the cutest woman in the bunch. If she isn't the 'freaky one' she's definitely one of those strong young women who will fly under the radar and end up doing well.
Mark my words.

There's a guy named Mookie from Chicago. His bio is pretty unremarkable, he appears to be a real home-town kind of fellow. His favorite drink is a Jagermeister bomb - so I'm thinking he can hold his liquor because that sounds strong. Oh, yeah, he's 25 and looks very, um, fit.

Rita is a 38 year old single mom from Texas...she was a pageant contestant and now runs a consulting company which specializes in coaching girls for the Miss Texas, Miss California and Miss USA Pageants. She is also a television spokesperson for a local supermarket chain in San Antonio and Austin (Badger!).

Stacy is 27 and adorable and who cares where she's from? Her favorite scent is 'fresh spa' which means what? a clean jacuzzi? maybe she means the place you go for a massage right after they vacuum? Some of this silliness may be forgiven by the fact that she likes to knit.

Sylvia is 52 - which I'm sure is considered old for Survivor. Remember when there was a 70 year old playing? It doesn't matter. She looks 38. Sylvia is an architect, so it will be interesting to see if anyone lets her design a hut. Looking at her favorites list I'd say she has either: very wide scopes of interest, or is unable to make decisions. As if any of what I say here will need to be recalled later...

Finally, rounding out the group is Yau-Man. How can I discuss him without mentioning Cao Boi? Yau is 52 too. Yau is the Director of Information Systems for the College of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley. In this position, he manages and runs the information systems infrastructure for administrative, research and teaching units of the college. This includes setting up networks, computers and managing business database systems. He previously worked designing electronic circuits for scientific instruments to collect data. He's also been a housepainter, cook and dishwasher. Which skills do you suppose will serve him best?

There it is.

I went to a couple of spoiler sites but didn't see much of interest.
We've all heard about one team living in luxury while the other has nothing in the way of comforts, but I only realized that that was based on winning challenges.
I think I heard that there are two immunity idols...we'll see.

I'm hoping that I am enthralled thursday evening, that I take three weeks to remember anyones name and that it all goes the way it usually does - because that's the way I like it.
I'm completely ready for some predictability.


Badger said…
I was going to lament the fact that there's always a white girl with dreds, but I see this season's dred girl is ASIAN. So, you know, THANK GOD. I wonder if that's one of the shocking twists they've been talking about?
Lewis said…
What? No one is Real Estate?

That could be a first.

Who will be doing the boobie show?
savvycityfarmer said…
I am sorry, I'm just not there yet.
Amy A. said…
I didn't read the run down, because I like to be surprised for the first show, but I CAN'T WAIT!

How much do I love that you, too, love Survivor? Lots!
Defunct Lisa said…
I read your blog everyday... I think you know that. I usually do my reading at work, where they are blocking blogspot, so I read through an RSS and cannot post comments. Since I'm at home this morning, waiting to take the cat to the vet, I thought I would delurk to let you know how much I love your posts. You are so good with photos and always find interesting things to show us. I really appreciate it.
I know you don't watch the Apprentice - but I wonder if you know that this season Donald has the loosing team camping in tents of the backyard of the mansion the contestants live in. It very annoying since the show is a JOB INTERVIEW and not SURVIVOR! Kinda funny that the shows are mirroring each other... coincidence I wonder? and I also wonder if people living in luxury is going to take away some of the "magic" that is Survivor.
jenny said…
do you know that I spend the week pre-survivor looking forward to this post? and that i don't check the website anymore because i will sully up my mind with my own preconceived notions?

well, now you do.
--erica said…
I love survivor. I probably shouldn't, but I do.
Jennifer said…
I've been waiting for this post!
Anonymous said…
now, ya know, this means i'm gonna have to like watch it on thursday! i gave it up last year, did FINE not watching every week (eventho i tape for dh and ds1 who are addicted to it). i tend to tune in after the tribes merge when i have less names to remember.
i LOVED this round up....i really am gonna have to watch, really!
Anonymous said…
Hi Blackbird! It's Emlyn's friend in Boston. I can't wait for the next Survivor - though I'm still reeling from last season.

I fell in love with Ozzy and am just the past month or so getting over it. Sad I know. Especially because I had to forgive him for being in a reality porn show a few years ago.

Maybe this season I'll find a new contestant to obsess about....
Anonymous said…
oooh. You made me excited. I have to go wake up my oldest to let her know!
leelee said…
I too am a survivor nut...and I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!!!

kilowatthour said…
dang. not even your endorsement can make me watch this show, bb. i have to draw the line SOMEWHERE. somewhere above survivor, but below dance life. in that general region.