where I'm lurking

Badger did this the other day - so I thought I'd post mine.
My list of links didn't come with me to the new blogger - and it is mighty long, and I am terribly lazy...
But these aren't links, these are lurks.

Bunnyshop is gold. Save for the fact that the shopping advice usually pertains to someone half my age, she is short (I'm pretty sure) and I'm just drawn to her. I've left a few comments.

Why oh why has the Sartorialist NOT SPOTTED ME? I have purposely skulked around his neighborhood on more than one occasion, just begging to be photographed. Headless of course. Alas, he even shot my location minutes after I left it once. I adore his site and now he's quite famous. Woe is me with so many good outfits.

Hoping for Happy Accidents can be so soothing. My house could not be more different that the ones she posts, the furnishings, the accessories, but there is always a lovely photo there and the font is very relaxing. (SURE. Make fun of me.) No comments to distract a person either. But I couldn't help emailing her once to sort of hint that it's not nice to always post purveyors who only ship to the UK.

the life I chose is written by a makeup artist in Positano. We are visiting Positano this fall and I think that's how we found her - I was very tempted to comment when her mom passed away but held back - I CAN'T COMMENT ON 50 BLOGS A DAY.

I am completely obsessed by le vestiaire de jeanne. Jeanne's big sister is a designer and does most of Jeanne's clothing. It's all French and when I win the lottery Jeanne's big sister is going to do all of MY clothing too. Click on the right to see an adorable gallery of tots in the clothes. Not really a blog - there's no need to embarrass myself with my deplorable French skills.

I don't have an apartment either, but I'm drawn to Apartment Therapy like a moth to fine cashmere. He posts several times a day, there are open forums and WHO CARES IF THEY HAVE A HOUSE IN THE HAMPTONS. (didn't mean to shout)

NOTCOT = cool stuff.

My beloved Maira Kalman blogs once a month. I comment once a month - along with hundreds of other people. She leaves me breathless. I need to track her down and buy her a cup of tea.

I'm not really lurking at Alice in Connecticut, it's more like mothering. But I haven't mentioned her before, so I thought I would. She's adorable.

I've just started clicking on happy mundane but it's more of that clean chic design ethic so I'm not sure I'll stay...

Absolutely Beautiful Things is just that. But I'm not staying. I cannot read black blogs with white type. It's as simple as that.

Every once in a while, a girl needs a little Posie Gets Cozy. And while Alicia is probably 180 degrees away from me design-wise, I love looking at her wonderful pictures. And she has lots of stuff around her house so I don't have to worry about mid-century modern.

Finally, Ali Edwards makes me happy. I think we are all aware that I would NEVER take up scrapbooking, but I don't plan on quilting and I read Be*mused.


robiewankenobie said…
no white on black. *cough* duly noted.
I think you'd find Miss Doxie (www.missdoxie.com) hilarious, too. :-)
Alice said…
oh, thanks!
Glad you enjoy my college ramblings.
You may mother or lovely lurk any time...
Anna Spiro said…
Thank you for mentioning my blog Absolutely Beautiful Things. I'm sorry that you won't be visiting again.

Kind regards,
nikinpos said…
Oh, thank you! Come and find me when you visit Positano this summer!