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Last year, I put together a group of photos from Wellfleet and had them bound as a book through one of those flickr offshoot programs. The book looks pretty good, but, looking back I think I'd use a different service.
I was forced to preview the layouts with the photos in postage stamp size and was never able to see which pictures might need more cropping or some touching up.
We've decided to print up a cookbook -
we are currently working from a notebook that K has kept for at least 15 years, a binder of recipes from magazines and a loose stack of downloaded stuff. This has proved frustrating on several occasions.
We figure it will take many months to cook our full repertoire, photograph each dish and type them into the layout pages that K has created - and now you know what our families will be receiving next Christmas.

We're eating very well of late -
and I thought I'd show you some of the dishes...

chili and cheese

K's Perfect Chili

yin yang chili

Youngest makes it yin yang.

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Beef Stew

pork tenderloin

Pork Tenderloin


Oatmeal (which may not go into the book, but which is Irish Steel Cut oats)

mac pie

Macaroni Pie (we need a new photo of Macaroni Pie)

chicken soup

Chicken Soup

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Cassoulet (that plate needs wiping!)

bread in pot


That's it so far -
this week we are going to shoot shepherd's pie, ziti with bacon, peas and ricotta, and maybe I'll talk K into a creme brulee this weekend...


BabelBabe said…
the tonkatsu looks wonderful. well, it all looks wonderful....esp. he chicken soup, says the sickie.
Paula said…
You clever, clever girl!

Family huh?
Badger said…
Chili with RICE? You are such a yankee.

That being said, it all looks yummy and I would totally buy a bb & K cookbook.
MsCellania said…
This is a great idea.
I mean, a Really Great Idea.
I have a list of what recipe is where and have often thought DAMMIT I should just rip out the good recipes from cookbooks and put them all in one place! But I cannot rip up books - even books that have ONE worthwhile thing.
I can tell this might be something one could do with children in full-time school...
Good luck! The food looks really yummy.
Anonymous said…
i have been waiting for this. seriously. K's chili is pretty darn good, but that bbq pulled pork thing with that sauce....yeah, that needs to go in.

he has had that notebook longer then 15 years, I remember it at a young age, and AHEM, im pushin 40

you can use iPhoto to make books and there is a nice preview feature and many nice styles. I am thinking of doing one from our thanksgiving camping trip.

Joke said…
What a brilliant idea!

Let me know if I can offer one of those gratuituous blurbs for the dust jacket.

Anonymous said…
Crème brulée, please.
Anonymous said…
what a clever idea! eveything looks yummy. i'd buy one. i'm constantly searching for new meal
ideas. i think you're going to have to sell them to the internet.

Annagrace said…
I was practically raised on shepherd's pie (and biscuits and gravy, ahem). This is a great idea.
Velma said…
I've been sick for the last few days, but after looking at those pictures, I'm starting to get my appetite back!
Anonymous said…
I want to buy one of your cookbooks.
Anonymous said…
The macaroni pie looks yummy!
Lynne@Oberon said…
I have soooo many recipes from magazines, friends, off the internet, etc and I have been trying to work out how to catalogue them all. If you have the magic formula, please let me know!
Your recipes always sound fabulous. Nothing like looking at recipes to get the cooking creative juices flowing.
Anonymous said…
Tonkatsu with a side order of chicken, soup, boots. Looks like a dream menu to me.
kilowatthour said…
i'd like to pre-order my copy right now. thank you.
Anonymous said…
Thankfully I am viewing your photos on a really crappy monitor and all the food looks like ashes and mud. If I were viewing them on my own monitor at home, I would be salivating all over the keyboard and that is gross.

Be sure to tell us when we can all buy the book.
kt said…
Noooo, the Cassoulet plate needs LICKING!!!!

I'll volunteer....