what a week...

K is working from home...busy busy...I don't see him for hours on end.
I'm trying to get used to the freelance mentality. Every day it has ups (they need him for three weeks) and downs (they can only afford him for two) every day we deal with more crap from the previous job (we have no health insurance right this minute but will be covered retroactively).

Youngest 'asked a girl out' this week and was rejected this evening.
Fortunately the second remote for the wii arrived and he kicked my ass in tennis.

Oldest had a rough week but asked for help and got it. That's a big step for him.

Middle is spending the day in town tomorrow, with a friend. The train ride, the bustle, the landscape will all be new to him.

And me?
I'm leaving in the morning to take my nieces shopping for their birthdays -
I'll spend the night at K's sister's house and have some girl time.

There's a fire in the fireplace, we're having leftovers and we're all cozy in the house for the night.
And I'm on my second glass of Smoking Loon.


Wendy said…
Smoking Loon...one of my favorite wines :)
Suse said…
Enjoy your girl time.
Badger said…
Everyone cozy in the house for the night and 1+ glasses of wine consumed is MY FAVORITE TIME OF DAY.

I've had 1.5 glasses of wine.

Kids and I are cozy. And in for the night.

DH is working late. Oy.
Paula said…
Happy weekend dear bb.
Anonymous said…
It all sounds so relaxed, even the shopping...the train ride...the lack of health insurance...must be the wine...