the weather has really turned


I had to get K to help me get the ice off my car -

I've made (and received) haramakis for myself and Youngest and even found some
warming packets to put in their pockets. And I've settled into my winter uniform.


Underwear (aren't you so happy I mentioned them?), haramaki, turtleneck, leggings, capris, big anthro sweater, black pashmina(tucked into the sweater here to give me extra BULK), birki clogs/valenkis.


And, yes, I always carry an adorable plastic basket of cutlery.


Anonymous said…
That first picture: it doesn't really look like that around here, but it sure FEELS like that.

The traffic guy on the radio told us to get the slab of ice off of the top of our car before it flies off and kills somebody, but I can't do it. I just chip off tiny pieces.
Anonymous said…
Always prepared for any emergency requiring a grapefruit spoon.
Anonymous said…
What a smashing fashion statement and so well equipped!
The first photo is amazing where did you take it?
Paula said…
Very chic.

But I don't think ou have to worry about BULK, being all waif-like and shit.
Sarah Louise said…
It's cute, carrying around the cutlery.

Most of the ice is now off my car.

Lurve the first picture.
Alice said…
Feeling the cold and loving the outfit.
BabelBabe said…
You look postiviely perplexed by that basket of cutlery.
and don't your ankles get cold, or do they have little ankle-haramakis on them too?
Joke said…
I like how the handles on the cutlery match your ensemble.

Kathy said…
Clearly you do not have a furry dog who like to blow her coat midwinter. Nor an orange tabby cat who just likes to shed.

You do however look very stylish. Would the look be enhanced by a light frosting of animal hair? Who knows?
Suse said…
I like the picture of the little person flailing helplessly at the walls of ice with a pocketknife.

I like it because here? It is 40 bloody degrees.
Anonymous said…
How nice to see all that snow, but I am thinking that the whole ice procedure...not so nice, uh?
Raining here...but only in the 50°F so nothing compared to you guys...
You look great, as stylish and funky as usual.
Badger said…
Did Youngest swipe ALL his facial features from you, or just the ones from the nose down?