Remember last week?
Boo hurt himself a lot?
Sylvia was not warmly received before during and after her stay on Exile Island?
Earl had a stay there too...
and Erica freaked out a challenge and got herself voted out.

Apparently our visual themes are bats and bones.
We've seen the same shot of the fruit bats about 50 times.
But it's night 6 and Yau Man describes the mood at Ravu.
They try to pull it together, to make a plan of action, they sound and feel like a team.
And we are cheering them on.

On Day 7 the Moto Razrs decided to paint the floor of their hut - basically because they have nothing better to do, but they tell us it's being done to keep the ants off them at night.
They are eating off china and lounging. I'm not liking who they are turning into.

When Earl gets back to the Ravu camp everyone has been asleep. They still have no water and no fire and it is clearly taking a toll on their performance. Michelle, who talks like a baby, gives the eyeglasses-as-magnifying-lens-to-make-fire a shot and amazingly, SHE MAKES FIRE.
As Jeff points out at the following challenge, she is one of the only Survivors to make fire on her own - and he rewards her with a flint. Now that they CAN make fire they are allowed TO make fire. (Don't under estimate the importance of this, people. Ravu has had no fresh water or decent food all these days.[Which, now that I consider it, can't be true as they'd actually BE DEAD - but STILL: VERY IMPORTANT.] And she made fire with a lens, not huffing and rubbing for hours on end. This making fire thing has crippled men twice her size. AMAZING.)

Anyway - challenge number two...
slide down a giant slip and slide (hope there are no rocks) and grab a ball from a clothes line and shoot it skee-ball style into a basket.
It's a fabulous challenge and we have a great time watching who embraces the slipping and purposely dive chest first into whatever makes it slippery and who thinks they can run across the thing, which is impossible.
None of it is easy and it's a great rig.
The Ravus really put their heart and soul into it and in a heart wrenching moment at the end Yau Man is up against a burly muscle man, and though the muscle man misses the basket several times, Yau loses the challenge for his team.
Trust me, it was sad.

I missed what happened (Youngest needed me for a sec) and Sylvia goes back to Exile -
and I don't know what Moto got for winning. Their personal items?

On Exile, Sylvia finds out that the hidden Idol is smack in the middle of camp.

At Ravu, Gary (Papa Smurf) is having difficulty breathing. He thinks he may have broken a rib and had taken a bad fall on the slip and slide. Not to worry. The medics come and give him tylenol and tell him to rest...

I'm not sure why it appears in my notes at this time but I must tell you that Lisi is really pushing my buttons. Her outfit is making me crazy, she has an irritating voice, and a nasty attitude. There. I got it out of my system. I'd like to see her and Rocky duke it out sometime - and I'll bet I will.

It's a big surprise when Jeff announces and eating contest - and while the teams are thinking burgers and fries, I KNEW EXACTLY WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN.
We've talked about this for a few years. And it may be that long since there was a contest like this. I believe these challenges were the basis for the entire Fear Factor series - which I never liked or watched, and was proud when Survivor stopped doing them. But here it was, with Jeff telling us that everything eaten in the challenge is really eaten in Fiji.
It was pretty awful -
raw giant clam
octopus (appearing to be cooked)
fish eyes
and, of course, there were surprises - tiny women able to choke food down more easily than big men who look like they could eat trees and cars, people able to eat eyes but not worms -
but I'd rather not see any of it. Blech.
It was down to pig snouts - and who wins for Moto? Papa Smurf.
A feel good moment as we realize that even as an older player and quite possibly with a broken rib, Papa Smurf led his team to victory.

At the forlorn Ravu camp, Sylvia apologizes for her performance, lesser eaters are berated for not having the saliva to swallow worms and there is some debate over who should go home.
And though Sylvia starts digging as soon as she's able, to try to get the idol, she's voted out.
Which is just FINE WITH ME.


Lewis said…
I loved the eating challenge, don't buy the "i needed water to swallow" whining, and still wish there was a somewhat attractive team of barely clad supermodels playing this game. It would be "oh so much easier on the eyes".

I like Papa Smurf, I think he should sit on Rocky till he suffocates.d
Badger said…
Moto took the fishing gear as their reward. Which ... they already have. Maybe they're planning a dinner party or something.

I HATE the nasty eating challenges. The last one I remember was the balut (?) that Bobby Jon intensely devoured in whatever season that was (Palau, maybe?).

I still love Yau Man. And Earl. And Cassandra. Michelle is super cute in that way that could get annoying very quickly.

I wonder if my anti-glare lenses could make fire.
RW said…
Oh - the eating challenge was brutal - not a big fan of that. Yau Man is my favourite ever since he opened the crate on the first show. I hope he lasts a few more weeks.
jenny said…
I like Yau-Man also. I thought he did great (for him) at the slip and slide challenge. He was pretty upright for the last half of it! I always end up rooting for the underdog tribe, but I wish they would really get a break. Especially now that Sylvia is gone. Something really awkward about her social skills that made me not want to even watch her.
~ej said…
yes, why did they take the fishing gear when they already had some, that was weird!
i love your reviews!!