Sylvia divided the tribes and then was sent away to Exile Island.
There is one fairly well equipped camp and one camp with nothing.
The tribe called Moto (a cell phone) live in the camp with the china and pillows.
Ravu live under a rock with no water.

While she was away Sylvia learned that the hidden immunity idol is back at camp - that's the benefit of going to Exile Island, you get a clue about the idol.
But she experienced the drawback too, because when she got back she realized that no one really liked her. Sure, she though it was because she was away for a couple of days and felt like an outsider, but it was really because she is domineering and bossy.

Jessica was voted out and I don't know a thing about her.

There are 18 survivors left and it is day 4.

The members of the Ravu team are licking leaves for water and swaying when they stand.
(Really? After two days? B, weigh in on this, will ya?)

Team Moto is living large with a couch.
I can understand the pleasure of the pillows, except they are white and I keep thinking of how dirty they must be getting, but I just don't get the fancy china...anyway, they are drowsy and complaining because they are so FULL of fresh fruit.

The Ravus are trying to make fire and using all the strength they have to crack coconuts for the water in them.

Boo, at Moto, has hurt his eye, chopped his finger with a machete and his hammock collapses beneath him.

Sylvia returns to the famished Ravus and gets a nice little welcome, but is appalled at the lack of fire. She bosses people around for a while.

Dreamz tellz us about his struggles - for him this is no worse than homelessness and eating from the trash - they are all scrounging for food at his camp and that's how Erica finds the pineapples.
Much joy ensues and Earl is especially cute (me and Erica are gonna get married now).
The team find new reserves of energy and are PUMPED FOR THE CHALLENGE.

So there is one.
Teams must paddle around a flag in the lagoon and collect crates, lock the crates onto a rope while paddling and bring them back to the beach, open them and remove....
I'm going to look up how many puzzles there have been in 13 seasons. Two hundred?
Anyway it's all very gripping and Erica loses her cool somewhere during the puzzle process because they won't listen to her and her team loses.

Moto chooses Earl to go to Exile Island and they win fishing gear - not that they need it.
Ravu leave in terrible spirits, and we feel terrible for them.
They return to their awful dirt camp and start working the vote.
Some people think it should be bossy Sylvia (who I didn't feel was all THAT bossy) and others feel that Erica's outburst proves she should go (I didn't think she lost it THAT badly).
It doesn't matter what I think - Erica went.
Ravu leaves with no fire...

I will point out that, had they won the challenge, Ravu would NOT have been sent to the fancy camp -
and I will also point out that they also seemed (or were edited that way) to care more about winning.
Those tea cup swiggers (and there is a red haired woman in their midst who is going to make me nuts) are going to get sloppy while Ravu get desperate - that's my theory.
And that is going to make for interesting competition.


Badger said…
Dude. Dreamz and Erica are NOT ON THE SAME TRIBE. Dreamz is with the "haves"; Erica is with the "have nots".

Or, you know, she WAS. Before they booted her.

It's okay with me if Sylvia goes next.

Right now I want an Earl/Yau Man final two.
blackbird said…
Anonymous said…
re water and dehydration.

the big three's

3 minutes without air
3 days without water
3 weeks without food.

all three get you dead (though obviously these are general guidelines....)

they were making a mistake though. they should have been eating the cocoanut. someone opened one and almost no water came out, because it was all in the meat. they tossed it away as useless.

fruit contains alot of water. watermelon (not that they have watermelon) is like 85% water. I bet the pineapple is in the 40 or 50% range.

Anonymous said…
now i'm thirsty.
jenny said…
I enjoy your Survivor updates. Even though I watch it religiously myself, I still read your take on it. I'm so confused about who is who right now, except for the extreme characters. They aren't going to ever get to be in the good camp? Are they ever going to earn some fire? Those people are going to lose it over there. I'm thinking about Bobby-John with his eyes rolling back in his head from dehydration/exhaustion . . .