spirits: lifted

K and I had plans last night - to join two other couples from church at a bar where the church music teacher was performing with his jazz ensemble.
And first, let me say, whenever any of us say we are going out with church friends we all cringe.
Doesn't it sound like we will be doing either a prayer vigil or a sewing bee?
But one must remember that my church is very groovy -
There we were at the bar, and it was late, I mean we met at 8:30...K was yawning in the parking lot, so we had very low expectations.
We aren't even jazz lovers.
It was B and D from church, R and C also from church (who we see socially with some frequency) and H and A who were in town from Adelaide.
We sat at a big round table and could barely hear each other.
The food was nearly inedible - B got giant hubcaps of pressed chicken with an orange sauce poured over them, he was offering them around like frisbees.
His wife ordered corned beef and cabbage and, I promise, the corned beef had ridges on it from the can.
The music was so loud that we prayed (ha!) for breaks in the set so that we could quickly catch up with each other.
Lucky me, though, was sitting next to H, from Adelaide, and I could not have had a more delightful evening.
A huge bear of a man, he took great pleasure in comparing our sizes - his hands were easily twice the size of mine, making droll and slightly steamy comments about his wife (who was sitting next to K) of nearly 40 years (I saw her, he says in a thick accent, and said ALL RIGHT, THAT'LL DO.) and then sweeping her off her feet for some wonderful dancing.
(Don't you adore watching couples who have danced together for many years? I do.)
I told him I like to watch Australian Rules football -
and love the umpire signals...he told me that when the goal umpire signals a goal with a hands sign, the crowd yells out "How big's your dick!"
(which you can, obviously, only appreciate if you could have a visual here BUT I CAN'T FIND ONE).
All in all it was just a wonderfully fun evening.
At one point I looked around me at everyone having a wonderful time, and the music was just incredibly loud, but good, and people were laughing and dancing and I was just so pleased to be there.

On the way out to the car, saying our goodbyes, H picked me right up, three feet off the ground and planted a big kiss on my cheek -
See you in Adelaide, he said as he returned me to the pavement -
and you know,
he just might.


Anonymous said…
I'm diggin' on your category labels.
Paula said…
Sounds just right.
Anonymous said…
I envioned you 3 feet off the ground held by this giant bear...
am giggling...
Anonymous said…
Badger said…
I hate jazz. But I am rather fond of Australians, in general.
Suse said…
These Adelaide people really get around don't they?

You really need the visual of the ump holding his hands out in the "this big!" gesture. I guess all your readers will have to imagine it. A bit like the generic fish gesture.

And yeah, sit with the Australians at every possible opportunity.
Joke said…
Given the title, I thought you guys went out to drink shots.

Anonymous said…
I could listen to your stories all day. Go Austrailia!
jenny said…
i'm with tongue in cheek - well, part way - i guess, what the heck, all the way...Go Australia!

but really, i love your posts.
tut-tut said…
It's great to read an account of a great, unexpected, evening out.
Anonymous said…
Hey! How did I miss this when you first published it? If you do come, I'll get tix to the footy (Port Power of course) and explain it all to you.

I probably live next door to H. Or at least buy my milk in the same supermarket. It's that kind of place Adelaide is.