shopping, the report

I'm back.
I went, we shopped, we tried on, we purchased, we critiqued, we ate mall food.

I took my younger niece first - she was in the mood for an outfit from Limited Too.
And although there's a lot of little hooker clothing in there, we managed to score some nice things for her...

for an 11 year old

but not this halter dress with rhinestones.

cute shorts

And not these shorts which Aunt bb liked very much but which little M would have no part of. Little M is the same height as Aunt bb, who speaks in the third person.
All. The. Time.

It turned out that purchasing some items from boxes gave us two free items...


so we picked up some knitted intestines. And a squishy pig toy.

And this was her outfit choice -

m outfit

She's probably the only person in the whole world who looks great in half a sweater.
I'm only saying.

So -
dropped her off at home and grabbed her big sister, my god daughter...
I had given her an H & M card for her birthday.

H&M had some fabulous stuff - though we noticed (being slightly curvier girls) that their things are cut very small. (Which screams CHEAP, but whatever...)
They had some not very cute stuff too though and shopping there was WORK.

like scrubs

These pants were scrubs!
There was tons of bright green, St. Patrick's Day green, stuff...
And her family is getting ready for a trip to Amsterdam, so I kept saying to S:
Oh! you should get this...imagine, if your mother loses you in Amsterdam she can just say -
have you seen my daughter? she's five foot four and wearing A GREEN DRESS.

Sadly, S did not want to plan her spring wardrobe around GREEN.

cute dress too

Very cute dress.
Not S's style. Aunt bb's style.

cute dress

Also Aunt bb's style. For when she wants to look like Busty McPreggers.

cute shirt

I liked it.
She didn't.

nice belt

A nice belt on a pair of pants that neither of us cared about.

very poly

Ohso polyester. One could wear it as a swimsuit.

suits tee

Trying to be witty.
And failing.

We like the idea of the short sleeved trench

<span class=

we're just not sure about the execution of the short sleeved trench.

And, in the end, S ended up looking a little like Aunt bb -

s outfit

not that there's anything wrong with that.
Especially when we could have bought this -


Yes. It's a romper.

Back at their house I was plied

still life

with Proseco and thai soup and olives...
and we all watched Marie Antoinette, which is another post all on it's own.


These are dolls.
Which I did not buy.
But which I had to show you.


Paula said…
Younger Niece looks much like Yougest around the mouth. Yes?
Jennifer said…
Can you be my Aunt bb and take me shopping? I don't have an Aunt that does that with me. Your nieces are very cute!
tut-tut said…
You all look like you had a lovely time. And chose great clothes.
Anonymous said…
I shopped with my 12-yr-old dd and her friend today. It would be nice if somebody designed a dress line for preteen girls that did not look like it was made for either an 8-yr-old or a prom queen.

We still can't get the slab of ice off the top of the car. It's trapped in the luggage rack.
savvycityfarmer said…
I feel like I went to the mall with y'all
Caro said…
You have a lot of patience.

Two hours of shopping with my teen and I'm ready to chew my arm off to escape.
Sharon said…
What Paula said, exactly. My first thought when I saw the half-a-sweater photo. She looks so much like Youngest in the mouthal area.
Anonymous said…
I do enjoy your shopping.

I bet those two lucky girls liked your shopping, too.

Anonymous said…
My aunts are all in your neck if the woods...
I'm alone out here...
It all looked so lovely and I must confess I too noticed a great resemblance in the lip area with Youngest...

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