...in alpha order because that's the way I upload them.


Readers of hoping for happy accidents already know about this great website...now you can love it too.

I have a pair in turquoise -

black <span class=
but I'd consider them in black.
Shut. Up.

I have this blouse


and I love it - but it needs some tweaking. Can someone come over and tell me where it needs to be tailored for a better fit? Straps shortened? darts? What?

I've been reading Domino magazine and saw this cake -


great photo, and the recipe sounds delicious. It's Meyer lemon, and I happen to have a crop of them growing.

Isn't this just beautiful?


I wish it was electrified, and I suppose it could easily be done - but I have no place to put it.

My FAO Aunt is at her vacation home and reports that these:

<span class=
(HAHA ALSO CROCS) are wonderful! Go ahead! Make fun!

I have two or three trips planned, and I think I'm going to need a pair of comfortable black flats, but I'd like them to be a little dressy...

doe shoes

I like these, but they might be too sneaker-like.

french sole

I like these but they are more expensive -
and I know, I know, I ALREADY OWN THE PERFECT MARY JANES, but they won't do for a wedding...


These won't do at all, but I admire what Keds is doing these days...I think they are making a real effort to stay current.


How many labels can I make?


These Libby Dibby wrap skirt are so cute...and SO expensive. Even if they are two skirts in one. And it annoys me that you can only see samples of the fabric, not the whole skirt, in the other fabrics, and that the flap is in the back.

plate o meat

A big plate of meat.
I'll explain later.


Middle is visiting a tech school today. As his digital video editing class seems to be the only thing he has any real interest in, his counselor has suggested attending there and advancing within their video studies program. Mixed feelings is an understatement.


It took the whole weekend to learn how to use it, but Pulmacort is now in Youngest's daily routine. After FOUR YEARS on Advair. This is a small victory.

This is a great tunic -



But this pattern might be helpful -


I think this

toont booland or whatever

might do well as the fixture on our bathroom ceiling. (I can just hear K saying: NOT ON YOUR LIFE, but wait till he hears the price.)

This one, you see,

nice pendant light

is $2300.00.

vulture eggs

Vulture eggs.
Which pretty much sum it up.


Joke said…
That blouse? I thought it was a whole dress at first.

It's that damned Y chromosome, I tell ya.

BabelBabe said…
susie sunhine has replicated those adorable Libby Dibby skirts. I will bet she'd send you her directioms and pattern. Ask her.

and I still love my crocs, critics be damned. I wear my black pair constantly, and am in the market for a blue or green pair. or even one of their pairs of Mary Jane type.
Gill said…
Blackbird, normally I read your blog and think "aaaah...wish that were nearer" or "oooh..Anthropologie....love it...wish we had it here" Today, however, I read about Baileys Home and Garden and thought "yessssss!" for it's just down the road from me. Well, slight exaggeration, but within an hour's drive, which will do nicely, thank you.
They have a great cafe too, and, just as you imagined, the place is staffed by lovely people. It is, in fact, everything you imagined (and more)
jenny said…
i am thinking that free would still be too expensive for that silvery light fixture.

is there no middle ground?

or. if you are using the $2300 one as an attempt to scare K into purchasing the silver thing...then, carry on.
Badger said…
I hate all those shoes. But you knew I would.

The girl child is on Pulmicort (and Singulair, and Albuterol as needed). Whereas the boy is on all of that but Asmanex instead of Pulmicort.

This is the first damn fall/winter EVER that the girl child hasn't sounded like she has emphysema, and the boy hasn't insisted he is going to UP AND DIE any second. So that's something.
Anonymous said…
Ah yes, the drugs of wheezy kids, i currently have my two youngest on 4mg singulair daily, youngest parker is on pulmicort nebules 2x a day by nebulizer and salbutomol 2-4x per day via nebulizer and still no relief. Eliza does the singulair, flovent 2puffs 2x a day and salbutomol with little progress. Winter is a hellish burden for those kids. We've only had four emergency visits and no hospital stays. So lucky in that regard.

As for the wrappy blouse thing? I love it. Wrap skirt too. Black flats good. Crocs? Unh.

Have a lovely day.
Amy A. said…
Love the skirts. Thanks BB for the susie sunshine hint.
Anonymous said…
Since we have been on the pulmicort turbo inhaler we have not had 1 episode. Praise to the makers of this medication. And a giant thank you to our doctor who gave us five 200 dose inhalers for free.
Jennifer said…
I LOVE the second picture of crocs.. where can I get some?
Sending your little men good thoughts
Suse said…
God I ADORE that sleeveless blouse.
Anonymous said…
Commenting a day late, but better than never, right? You'll like the Indygo Junction patterns. I have a few of them. Also, Do Kham(spelling?) in NYC has some great tunics.
littlemissme said…
The sleeveless blouse is lovely. The second pair of ballet flats are nice as well. Not too dressy, not too casual. And the first pair were certainly too casual.

I shall hold my tongue on the heinousness that disguises itself under the name of Crocs.
Unknown said…
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