not for all the tea in China

Some crafts I won't be attempting:


Although they have a bell inside them, and are made with pantyhose and flannel, I won't be attempting temari balls any time soon.


Those materials are the inner core of a temari ball...

temari balls

the outer layer of a temari ball is thread. I don't mean embroidery floss either.
I mean thread. Each ball is wrapped with hundreds and hundreds of yards of thread and then intricately embroidered with tiny ribbons.

Pysanky is a no go...


Blow out the eggs and draw on them. Draw on them with a minute drawing tool and dip them.
Draw the most intricate patterns the universe can provide...


They look best displayed in multiples.

Tiny pieces of paper are rolled with a tiny pin-like object in quilling.


It makes me nervous looking at it.

Minature Fimo food.

miniature fimo food

For dollhouses I suppose.
There are an awful lot of people making Fimo food.
There are an awful lot of people making all sorts of things with Fimo.
I once watched an entire television program on making Fimo beads.

fimo beads

Fimo beads make me twitchy.

keep calm


Badger said…
Pantyhose and Flannel will be the name of my next album.
Anonymous said…
My 10 year old has done quilling at school the past two years-not quite as intricate as the snowflake shown, but I don't have the patience for it, or the others you shared!
Angela said…
Blackbird, if I ever meet you face to face, I want it to be over pecan pie and pysanky.

I'll bring the eggs.
Anonymous said…
Can we meet, and talk over wine? Seriously!
Angelas bringing eggs
I'll bring soap.
BabelBabe said…
I know how to do pysanky (I'm half Ukrainian for god's sake, I have to know how!), and have several examples. I am not particularly good but I have all the supplies...let's go for it!

the balls with the thread though - yawn.
Anonymous said…
I love all of this stuff. If I had another lifetime, alongside this one, with lots of time on my hands, I'd probably try all of these things. And I'd look something like a wizened little curled up shrimp hunched over my projects. But seriously these things are right up my wacky OCD alley.
Anonymous said…
We had a Japanese foreign exchange student with us one year. She gave us a temari ball, black and red, about 8" in diameter. We'd never seen one before and were underwhelmed, probably because we assumed the thread layer was about 1mm thick and done over styrofoam. Now I am wondering what we did with the thing.
Jennifer said…
The first ones look a lot like cat toys to me... I don't like cats anyway.

The second one looks too hard for me. I'm not an artist by any stretch of the imagination.

Fimo? It's fiyou not fime ;) That may only sound funny to me.

While that is a pretty snowflake, I don't think I can glue such tiny pieces together. Glue and me just don't get along.

That food makes me giggle.

Only one more day till Survivor! Wooooo!!!
Anonymous said…
I have seen very little in polymer clay that I like, I guess it just seems inherently cheesy to me.
Anonymous said…

I think I'll stick with the pink construction paper and red foam hearts with sticky stuff on the back (which I bought for my 10-year-old this morning).
Suse said…
I'll stick with my knitting needles.

I like handwork that results in useful items. I think I lived through the Depression in my last life.
Annagrace said…
So funny. And I was just reading an old MS Living mag article on quilling...and thinking I'd rather watch paint dry. I think the rule for me is Only Attempt Crafts That Can Be Done While Drinking. It rules out quite a lot, but the upside is that you stay pleasant (Martha...?)
sara said…
Good Lord.

Fimo beads remind me of every head shop in my college town.

I think I even had a fimo-bead inspired candle at one point.

The thought of which now seems to reek with patchouli (figuratively) and makes me twitchy, too.
Poppy B. said…
I hate crafts. Anyone who gives me anything home-made is asking for a brief, tersely-worded, insincere thank you note. On machine-made paper.
Anonymous said…
Where can I get this Keep Calm and Carry On sign? I need it.