in which K and Middle prove that shopping can be manly

manly purchases2

Step 1 - go to Radio Shack.
Step 2 - buy wire and phono plugs.
Step 3 - come home.
Step 4 - make and eat grilled cheese and meat sandwiches.

Barely speak throughout the entire process and acquiesce to photos during lunch.


Paula said…

Is the conversation you hear around here when the boys all go shopping.
Imperatrix said…

When the Consort goes shopping, he walks over to the jeans section, looks across the rows and down the column until he finds his size, grabs the pair, and gets in line to pay.

"Aren't you going to try those on?!"

"Why? They're my size, aren't they?"

Velma said…
Was there grunting?
Anonymous said…
You've managed to capture the essence of manly relationships in less than 40 words...LOL funny!!!!
Anonymous said…
Middle looks very good looking, I'm envisioning lots of girls weeping as he walks by...and K looks taller with each shot!
BUT they both look very manly indeed.