I won't be available to comment on Exile Island scenes

To set the atmosphere I grilled some steak...and lit a fire in the fireplace.
I wasn't able to stay on top of the fire and it set to smouldering pretty quickly - but I was busy with the steak, which I was stove top grilling.
With the Lockheed range hood on full tilt I managed to draw most of the smoke down the chimney and into the living and dining rooms.
It was just one big smokey jungle.
And the steak wasn't even that good.

The show, however, did not disappoint.
19 survivors from many walks of life -
I noticed right away that I like their shoulder bags.
Apparently, they were put on a boat and not told very much.

They were excited to arrive on the island and pleased to see that it had a cave and plenty of fruit in the trees.
There was a lot of character development, and, happily, a few stood apart from the rest.
Yau-Man grew up in Borneo and is a wizened old character - he appears frail but his wilderness skills will probably carry him for a few episodes. We'll be sad to see him go...and he will.
Cassandra is adorable and is our I've never even been camping participant.
Alex is hunky and smart.

Jeff Probst is MIA - but wait!
He's there, in a plane, dropping a box into the sea!

The he-men (and a couple of she-women) paddle out to retrieve it and there is a bit of comedy when the strongest of the strong cannot get the crate open. Yau approaches, assesses the situation and promptly drops the box upon its weakest point - WAA LAAH.

The box, it turns out, contains blueprints and instructions on constructing a camp complete with huge shelter, bathroom and kitchen. A map directs the players to a virtual Home Depot in the hills and they get to work.
Fortunately, Sylvia is an architect and she takes a leadership role.
Michelle, on the other hand, talks like a baby. God help me if she makes it past two weeks.
Dreamz is cool, but loud. He has a sad history and we find him endearing, until he won't shut up.
Rocky doesn't like it much either and they have words.
BTW, Rocky and Dreamz aren't their real names - I have no idea what their real names are at this point - but these are the names they have chosen to play with so...

Suddenly it's day three and time for a challenge.
Jeff gets filled in on what's been going on at camp and the whole team seems to agree that Sylvia was taking a leadership role for the construction, so Jeff calls her aside and has her choose the teams. No real surprises here - she seemed to make the teams evenly split with regard to age, sex and abilities (from what we know right now).
Sadly for Sylvia, Jeff also sends her to Exile Island as they are a group of 19 instead of the 20 they had planned to be (someone went home the night before the start of the game) and she will return after a losing team votes someone off.
And, not only will they vote someone off, but the losing team will not return to the camp they built (which for all the talk of luxury, is still a camp in the dirt in the woods).
Who's Erica? Well, she's pissed. In fact, she's really the only one who is pissed. Everyone else puts on their game face and digs in for a human chariot race for puzzle pieces (again with the freakin puzzles) which ends in a large combination lock challenge for a knife to cut a rope and raise THE WINNING TEAM'S FLAG.
The teams, now called Moto (gad, the phone) and Ravu (is it always and M and R team? or is it me?) race hard and work hard and Moto wins.
Don't expect me to know who is on Moto. Not Dreamz, I can tell that much, not Yau-Man who will do fine on the other beach, but, yes, a guy they have dubbed Papa Smurf because he is large and has a white beard and is wearing a blue tee shirt. (Judging from Papa Smurf's gait, however, I'd say he isn't going to be around for long, so I'll try not to get too attached to him.)

Meanwhile, Sylvia is on Exile Island. Sorry I can't tell you too much about it.

Off to "luxury" our winners go...they have china! they have silver! they have a couch!
For me, "luxury" would have to have a little something called thread count, dry shoes, and
fresh underwear...

The losers trudge back to a beach with only a machete and a pot. No fire (AS IT SHOULD BE) and nowhere to sleep.
They immediately start politicking for who should go home -
Rocky takes a major role in this and he's a volatile player - he pushes for Rita to go (don't know who she is), while others want Jessica to leave. I want Erica out, but they aren't asking me. (I just think it's early to be angry, and she's angry.)
Of course NO ONE talks about sending a man home.
And so it goes.
Jessica is voted out - looking shocked. She's a fashion stylist, so don't count on any ingenious looks for the buffs later...
In a final stroke of evilness Jeff tells the team that because they lost and don't have fire on their beach, they cannot take fire with them...
If you ask me.


Badger said…
Dreamz suckz. And I'm pretty sure he IS on Moto.

I wanted Erica to go home, too. She bugs.

Liking Cassandra, Yau Man and Anthony (because of his cute nerd glasses). I think Rocky is going to get on my nerves.
Jennifer said…
"Dreamz" name is Andre.. He's loud and annoying and I don't like him very much.

"Rocky" is James.. He really does look like Sly... doesn't he?

I hate snakes.. I hate hate hate them!! But...I have to know.. are the water snakes poisonous? **shudder**
--erica said…
Earl. I'm liking Earl!

And what is UP with the snakes.. ACK!
jenny said…
I'm liking Earl too. And Yau.

Do they have to keep these camps until the end or are they switching up based on who wins?
christa said…
that's my question, too, jenny!
on 'the apprentice' this season (don't laugh at me) the team who wins that week's challenge gets to live in the mansion. the losers sleep in tents.

i wonder if probst is taking his cue from trump and doing the same. or whether the living accomodations are set for the season. (that would be a drag to watch, imho.)

yau-man is SO CUTE!