how OJ Simpson gave my mother a hobby

A long time ago when I was nursing tiny Youngest and showing our apartment and preparing to move to Tuvalu, my mother flew into town to help me.
While I cleaned closets and packed boxes and took care of the new baby, and K was away on location, she made dinners and entertained Middle and Oldest.
AND she watched the OJ Simpson trial. Obsessively one might say.
She's always been an avid television watcher, my mother.
Fanatical in her watching of the Olympics, she familiarized herself with every member of each of the important teams.
She knew their personal histories and private sagas -as well as their sporting accomplishments.
She read the newspaper and compiled all her information before, during and after the games.
And, I believe, it was this training that prepared her for the OJ Simpson trial.
There was not much "court television" to speak of before OJ, I mean aside from Perry Mason.
This was reality television in its infancy and she took to it don't know what.
She researched the backgrounds of the lawyers and major players in the case and probably could have served as judge or a member of the jury.

After OJ was such a big hit there were other marketable cases:
the Menendez brothers, who killed their parents,
Jon Benet, the teeny pageant queen, mysteriously killed in her home,
I'm sure there were lots of others, and the Olympic games were smattered throughout.

It's been 12 or 13 years since OJ, and my mom doesn't sit around much during the day watching television - no, she's an insomniac.
Never in my life (and probably not in hers) has she gone to sleep at a reasonable hour.
We would all just hunker down for the night knowing that she'd be up till two or three.
She's told me that, as a child, she listened to the radio all night long.
Over the years, moving from place to place, or visiting with me, she always has a transistor radio with her, with headphones so as not to disturb her housemates. She listens all night most nights (Oldest does too!).
So, now that I think on it, it's not all OJ's fault - but he definitely got her hooked on the court tv business.

I can always count on her to tell me about the latest jury deliberations, perjury case, or whether or not Anna Nicole is still dead.

Whose baby is that
, I'll ask - feigning mild disinterest...

Well, it's tough to say, but I've been spending some time on it
... she will reply with confidence.

It's always good to know one's parents have all the facts, isn't it?


Paula said…
My Aunt (pronounced aint) Alice watched that whole trial, she always knew what was happening and loved to tell about it.
Anonymous said…
What about the Michael Jackson trial? That was HUGE too, wasn't it?
I think having a mother who doesn't go to bed early is awesome, meaning that it must feel very safe, like she is always alert to protect her children. Of course I am sorry she never must have enjoyed a full proper night sleep...
Anonymous said…
I love your mom! she reminds me of my dear aunt, the one who would stay up late also and was as obsessive about baseball as my husband. She knew all the stats and every player's girlfriend, wife, and kids.

And I just tidied up my first floor and was hunting under the sink for my magic eraser. I think the youngest has it to get the marks off her snow board....
Sarah Louise said…
We all need a hobby...
Susie Sunshine said…
Dear Blackbird's Mother,

If your family ever gets on your nerves, you have an open invitation to live with me.

Kindest regards,

Susie Sunshine

PS. Please be sure to bring the pretty skirt you wore to that one wedding.

PPS. Are your bets on Birkhead? Inquiring minds want to know.
sara said…
My mother has very similar tendencies.

Insomnia? Check. Court TV obsession? Check. They should get together a start a media consortium or a brain trust!