the excitement builds

But not really.
K is busy editing and meeting and talking on the phone.
The kids are off from school and really just hanging around (my suggestions are met with looks of horror).
We anxiously await the last shipment of tile for the bathroom (two to three weeks), and the contractor is anxious to do the demo.
In the meantime, I think I might be itching for spring - I mean if it's not going to be an interesting winter then they should just cancel it.
I'm not particularly inspired here either - I'm worrying a lot, about a lot of things, and no one wants to hear about that. Plus I think typing it out sort of validates the fear - so I'm going with that theory.

Want to go to the supermarket?
It's the thrill of the day...

in my supermarket

They have opened a Starbucks in the supermarket where I go for our crappy, evil consumerist can have a latte while you buy Cheetos. (And, in other news, I taste-tested Organi-puffs last week and Cheetos this week and there is no question. My insides will be orange for a few weeks.)

<span class=

BLECH I said to myself last week when I spied this. It looks like horrible stuff.
White hot chocolate? My head spins at the thought. And the name? Insipid.
This week? SOLD OUT.
So, maybe you don't want to hire me for your marketing team.

fat free half and half


meat in a can

It's true. I have purchased Manwich sauce, in a can, to mix with organic beef.
Never in front of K, of course. But who is eating all these meats in cans?
Some of them look so scary...and they have a meat-in-a-can-during-wartime mentality about them. I just don't know.


K wants to know what this stuff is, who is buying it, and what they are using it for, because we like the flavors but have NO CLUE what we'd do with it.

shaved meat

And this stuff can't be good for you...
If I needed to buy meat in a can or shaved meat to save money, I think I'd give my kids a lot of pasta and find protein somewhere else. Shaved? Meat?

where stuffed animals go to die

It would appear that this is where the stuffed animals go to die.

I like to use the self check-out lane because I've always wanted to be a supermarket check-out lady (sadly, I think this fantasy would also involve the eating of shaved meat).

self checkout

It's tons of fun!
But you usually have to have someone come and fix the machine for you, which kind of defeats the whole diy thing, but WHATEVER.

We bring our own bags too.
I bought these -

bag before

and we have actually been remembering to bring them in from the car. You have no idea how pleased I am with myself to REMEMBER TO BRING THEM IN FROM THE CAR.
But I decided that the ads on the bags were too ugly.

bag use

So I changed them.


Imperatrix said…
I agree. There is something inherently wrong with fat-free half and half. What poisonous cocktail did they add to the dairy base to make it fat free, anyhow?

BabelBabe said…
do you know how EASY homemade manwich sauce is? and so much more delicious...oh, you probably do.

i hate the self checkout because the bagging area always gets jammed up.

white chocolate is gross. ipso facto...

and in pittsburgh, shaved is the preferred lunchmeat cut. ICK.
Badger said…
HEY. Don't knock the SHAVED MEAT until you've TRIED IT, a'ight?

You take that Oscar Meyer shaved mesquite turkey breast, roll it up in a sundried tomato wrap with some fresh basil leaves, avocado, provolone and maybe some brown mustard and GET BACK TO ME.
~ej said…
half and half must be ALL fat! ;)
is that frozen fruit used for smoothies? i wondered too!
Anonymous said…
thanks for the well wishes!

and i as well, must vouch for the shaved meat. its pretty delicious. I might even have Badger's above recipe for lunch...if i can stop coughing enough to eat.
Beth Bailey said…
I do think I would love for you to be my friend if I knew you in real life.

I agree with the "rest of winter" cancellation...we got one storm that brought enough to XC ski for one week...and now it's all melting away...what a bummer...

And...the supermarket self checkout? From the first day I laid eyes on the self checkout, I was in heaven. So. Much. Fun. And, the self checkout lady (inside the machine) is always so pleasant.
Amy A. said…
Winter can't leave soon enough.

Love the bag re-deux. You are probably the hit of the market.
Paula said…
I'm all for not validating my fears. I'll have to tape that up somewhere so I'll see it.

I hate grocery shopping. Hate, hate, hate.
Joke said…
OMG, those tropical fruit pulps RULE. A very close second best to having the actual tree on your actual property.

Anonymous said…
yea, the canned meat? My husband adores Corned Beef and sometimes the deviled chicken. I blame it on his being raised in post WWII food rationing England.
Our local 'Whole Paycheck' has some really cool reuseable bags lately with all over prints like old fruit crates. Ree brought one into work last week and I was way jealous of it. Like you, the remembering is the tough part.
I too thought the same thing about the Half and on earth can it be Half and Half with no fat. I mean, come on people.
There is nothing sadder than rejected stuffed animals. The island of misfit toys. I bet they run around the store at night after it closes drinking all the White Hot chocolate.
islaygirl said…
i never used to write down what i was afraid of. but since it just whirls around in my head until i get it out, it's best for me to get it out there. not necessarily on the blog, tho, i hear you on that part.

and i, too, must admit to liking the shaved meat. (i accidentally finished that sentence at 'shaved me.' umm, that would be something entirely different and none of your business, lol.)
Lynne@Oberon said…
What is manwich sauce? Is it made from actual organic matter or is it entirely test tube related??

I wish we had Starbucks in our boring Aussie supermarkets. American supermarkets remind me of the old town squares. You can do almost anything there - banking, photo printing, coffee drinking. AND they are open 24 hours. Yep, Americans know how to make grocery shopping fun and extra productive ;)
Anonymous said…
We have those same crappy stuffed animals at the entrance of our grocery store. But that can't be evil Food Lion. Not with my darling Starbucks inside.
Anonymous said…
ugh, i just finished reading the jungle and can not imagine eating beef or pork again anytime soon, let alone from a can!
savvycityfarmer said…
What an absolute hoot at the end of a long day...thanks
RW said…
We have one of those self-serve check out things at our local Home Depot - after several botched attempts - people behind me looking away as I mutter to myself and to the machine-I have given up. It is not pleasant. My blood pressure rises... it can't be good for my heart.

The "no fat" half and half is a little like the tofu wieners or tofu sliced coldcuts... why would you buy something that looks like meat if you are a vegetarian...if it is not the vegetarians, then who is buying those things!

And I too am filled with pride when I remember to bring my environmentally friendly shopping bags into the shop!
Unknown said…
The fruit pulps are wonderful, not just for smoothies, but for quick sauces to go with chicken or pork. Canned meat we don't do, but my desperately ill father-in-law ate some Spam the other day. I think it made him happy and reminded him of his childhood.

I need to email you about my son and film editing. He thinks it might just be his calling, the role he was meant to play!
Anonymous said…
First, thank you for taking me shopping, you know my longing for that...
And yes, I do too have my own bag for shopping. Bag, because shops are so SMALL here that one bag is PLENTY.
Then when we go to "town" for the big one (which is still half the size of yours) we splurge on plastic shoppers!
Starbucks in a supermarket???? You are SPOILED.
White chocolate drink...bleah!
That maracuja/papaya stuff would be appreciated by F, he likes it a lot.
No half and half for me. It's ALL or NOTHING. So a fat free half and half, no thank you.
Anonymous said…
Fat free half and half
shaved meat. Not in France yet.
But close.
I like the detail you added on your sack. In France you MUST bring your own sacks. It became effective 2007.
As me how many times I have forgotten my sacks!!
Anonymous said…
I've blogged about the mysteries of fat-free half & half before. You can call it "fat free dairy creamer" or something but it is NOT half and half - half of that equation MUST be cream. Ugh. And WHO is buying it?

I'm interested in those fruit purees, though...
Suse said…
Tinned meat is just so wrong.

What on earth is half and half? Half milk-half water? Or half milk-half cream? Or half milk-half toxic chemicals?

How many bags did you do that to? Before the green poly bags came out a few years ago, Coles did a range of calico bags for eco shopping. They were all boring beige though so I bought six and dyed each one a different colour. I still prefer them to my dozen poly green ones I now have.