I had drinks last night with someone I worked with a long time ago.
It was very nice and he was so dear that I just wanted to hold his face.

I had a brisk walk downtown...

ghost bike use

and passed this great bike memorial.

darren l

I met my old friend at his club and we hugged and smiled and had lots and lots and lots of Sancerre.
After a while we thought some solid food would be a good idea and he ordered us some tasty tiny burgers and meatballs and pulled pork.

We talked and talked and 2o years melted away.

I grabbed a taxi, dashed onto a train just in time, and watched the people and thought.

train people

train people

train people 4
Some people stay fixed in your mind, just as themselves.
He is fixed in mine.


Anonymous said…
Glad you had a good time with your friend. I'm meeting with my dear friend I haven't seen in over 10 or more years tomorrow!
--erica said…
an airport post.
Anonymous said…
terrific post.

and considering how much i hated my commute, i never thought a photograph of the lirr (metro north?) would make me homesick for ny.
Anonymous said…
Old friends...a few weeks ago I stopped to have a chat with one I used to wor kwith who is going through a very rough is very nice to stroll down memory lane every now and then, with people you enjoy.
Could I be bold and ask why you only drink French wine?
Joke said…
If you held his face, he couldn't have had it's good you didn't.

-Mr. Obvious
blackbird said…
Paola -
- we drink a lot (A LOT) of Australian wine, and South American wine too
but, as we discovered about our knowledge of Italian pastry, our Italian wine knowledge is slight as well -
Badger said…
Oh! I have a friend like that, with whom I used to work. He now lives far away and I haven't seen him in many years. I miss him.
BabelBabe said…
there are bikes like that al over pittsburgh, as part of a movement to make the city safer for cyclists. They call them "ghost bikes" and they put them wherever there has been a serious or fatal bike/car accident.
Heather said…
It's really amazing how a simple post can become so much more, just because you wrote it. :)
I was just thinking it reminded me of the airport post. Happy New Year.
Anonymous said…
The realization that "life goes on" is a peaceful, yet simultaneously shocking, experience.