trip to Mars size

We are filling our days.
K is in a holding pattern whilst waiting for two projects to begin.
He's cooking a lot (cassoulet last night) and computing a lot (hard-drives clean), he's done some design work (the tile for the shower) and is cleaning the store room in the basement.
One day we even went to the super store.
You know the one - some people go there once a week. We go once a year.
We just can't fathom using twenty rolls of paper towels. Or eating so much of any one thing.
K calls the giant boxes of cereal, laundry soap and body wash Trip To Mars Size as he's pretty sure that it would take that amount of time to finish four gallons of pickles.
We went, specifically, for maple syrup. They have real maple syrup there - for far less money than our regular market and it's from Canada (where they don't use formaldehyde to make it).
We bought three jugs.
We were tempted by grapes - but who eats FIVE POUNDS of grapes?
K looked at the five foot televisions - we don't have any place for something like THAT.
Youngest likes their muffins - but can't eat 15.

big clock

I wish I could describe the enormity of this clock.
It was the size of my dining room.

bigclock too

This one was even bigger - close to the size of my truck.
They were on sale - it's your job to figure out how to get them home.

Oh, did you want a weather vane with yours?

clock thing

Don't worry - they had some smaller garden ornaments...


Maybe a fountain?

Around the corner is the Jacob's Surprise Bird Bath -

surprise bird bath

And I get that the 'surprise' is that Jacob has found a wee turtle near his ball - but why do I feel like it's also that Jacob takes a wee IN the bird bath? or that Jacob slides INTO the birdbath and ruins his new shoes? Why do you suppose I need to assume that there is a further surprise?
Just my stupid sense of humor I guess.
Surprise! There's someone hiding in the tall grass just behind you, Jacob! EEEEK!

Moving on.


No comment.
It's wine.
With a little person on the box.
I don't know why.

cheap wine in blue

This clever display pretty much knocks the romance out of my purchases of inexpensive wine.
I didn't buy any.
And I didn't buy any of this one either -

two brothers wine

Youngest likes gum as much as the next kid - but he called me over to say:

who's buying this?

Who's buying this? 50 packs of gum.


I would like the BAG from the Super Lucky Elephant rice.
It's not just super - and it's not just lucky...
it's ELEPHANT rice.

mucus relief

I feel so much better just KNOWING that this much mucus relief is available. Somewhere.

Prudent though he may be, Youngest made sad puppy eyes over this:

giant apple pie

The largest apple pie in the world.
We stood for a long time, discussing:
how long would it take to eat it?
how much would we throw out?
everyone in the house likes apple
we bought it.

I've be documenting our battle to conquer the pie -


some are giving it their all..

all have had SOME...



We are making headway.
And Mom's coming to dinner tonight -

I hate that super store - the excess of everything upsets me.
And then I come home and see that although we don't shop that way, we have far too much in our home.
We've been making a concerted effort to use what we have -
to eat from the pantry
to use things up
to purchase less
and to get rid of as much as we can.
I started as soon as we got home by making a pledge.
Each time I am confronted with a drawer or closet full of junk, I will discard three objects.
It's been pretty funny just trying to identify some of them.

But that's another post.


Anonymous said…
I also just went to my local Ginormous Warehouse O' Crap, which is where we buy toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, and croissants. (We freeze 'em.) All the other stuff? Forget it - we are a family of 4, two of whom would be happy to eat nothing but chicken nuggets and apples for the rest of their lives. No need for 64 oz of olive oil, thanks.
Eliane said…
I have always learned that everything is bigger in America. I feel very small now.
Anonymous said…
When I first saw the huge clock with the cups inside its case, it reminded me of the ginormous revolving pie case at a diner in Brooklyn....and then you brought up PIE. Now the two are juxtaposed in my brain.

My mom is a Hoarder, therefore I know not to be. She spends SO MUCH TIME managing STUFF. It takes away time from more satisfying life pursuits.

Anonymous said…
That is a lot of pie. More importantly, did it taste good?
I am so with you one the whole excess thing. BLAH.
Sharon said…
What a good idea, to throw away three things. I'm going through a purge these days myself, and my thought is that any kitchen stuff I put into storage and don't use for one year can be safely given to Goodwill. Do I seriously need 5 sets of dishes? For TWO PEOPLE?? I think not.
Anonymous said…
Mmmm. Pie. Glaglahglahg.

I'm going to Ginormous Store today. I'll keep an eye out for maple syrup.
Anonymous said…
Your *discard three thing* idea is a winner.
Badger said…
We have two different varieties of Super Giant Super Stores around here. We used to belong to both of them; now we belong to neither. Because we got tired of tripping over Volkswagen-sized cases of toilet paper, paper towels and granola bars every time we walked through the garage.

It's liberating, really.

However, yes. We still have too much crappe.
Anonymous said…
Well, Elephant brand rice is recommended by James Oseland in Cradle of Flavor: Home Cooking from the Spice Islands of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore; if you buy I bag, I'll split it with you (although that's a lo of rice).
--erica said…
Our "trip to Mars" takes about three weeks.
Meaning, in three weeks all of the food we've purchase has been consumed by four hungry mouths.
Yes, that store is full of excess.. but also a lifesaver! :)
Anonymous said…
We have been on the same discard jag since late December. i feel as though I am making some headway, but what about all that stuff you know you will never use again but is still too good to throw away? Sure ebay exists, but until you have a good reputation as a seller everyone ignores you. Sure there are charity shops, but they don't want everything, at least the one in my snotty town doesn't. No, they inspect all of your items and only take the ones they deem worthy.
Sorry, we still go for the T.P. P.T. and napkins, which husband calls serviettes. I like to buy it a few times a year and call it a day. Oh and the cookbooks, such a good price on cookbooks....
Anonymous said…
i could use a mars-ready pie right about now.
Anonymous said…
That Big Tattoo Red is pretty good. At least, the bottles I drank a couple of years ago were good....Have you not seen the "Little German" ads for the other? They used to be in all the mags and were disturbing and funny (I thought). J thought they were creepy so I would tear them out and leave them lying around the house....
Anonymous said…
I went to one of those Ginormous stores once more than ten years ago. I had an anxiety attack and had to rest in one of the ginormous lounge chairs that they were selling until my dh was ready to go. He bought tin foil. We still have some of that tin foil.
Anonymous said…
I get calls from various charities that will be in our neighborhood to pick up discards about once a month. I say yes to all of them and then find a bag of stuff to put out. There's always something around here that can go.
Anonymous said…
Shopping there, loading the stuff in the car, unloading when you get home and then trying to shove the stuff in every nook and cranny. Exhausting.
Our local GrabGobsMore is full to the gills with smaller amounts of fresh organic stuff. Including meats and herbs. As well as the usual suspects like dairy, fruit and veggies. (I see the organic beef and think - is this from bb's daddy's cows?)
But excess is still - excess. Which has to be stored and tended.
And here I am, in my cottage years, while dh is still in his castle years. And he loves that place of infinite excess. So I find places to store cases of ziplock bags and tp.
Anonymous said…
The last section of your post (below the pie) really resonated! I have many of the same quanderies and ideas. Good grief, we have so. much. stuff. And that's with us living modestly to begin with. I can't bear the super stores.

I like your three-items idea. For a while I tried a tactic--everytime I went into the basement, I would try to bring up something to either throw out or give away to the thrift store. Same thing with the corners of clutter around the house. I now keep designated bags and boxes stashed around so that anytime I realise that something isn't justifying its existance in my house, I put it in... But getting rid of paper is much, much harder.
Jess said…
About two years ago I bought a huge-pack of paper towels. I still have most of them stacked next to the dryer. I never have to buy paper towels again. I find it satisfying to have a large quantity of tp and know it will be MONTHS before I run out. Unless you're shopping for an EVENT or have a capacious pantry, the place puts me on edge. Too. much. stuff.
celestial opus said…
I love love love Reisling. And the love is so big that I could even try one with a little man on the box.

Haven't been to a "big" store in ages, but always get on the clear it out kick about once a month. Welcome to the macaroni and cheese (CHEESE!) oh look at that we have frozen vegetables week.
halloweenlover said…
When I was pregnant I was craving apples, so we bought boatloads of apples from huge superstore, they were the only ones that sold them in large enough quantities to satisfy my cravings. We also do the t.p. and p.t. and feminine products and other random items. The granola they sell is delicious, and we do cereal from there too.

I'm addicted to going there, though, I always end up spending too much money. There and Target are my downfalls.
Anonymous said…
I used to belong to Sam's but in the end the only thing I used it for was cheaper gas (as going inside overwhelmed me) and the nearest one with gas is like 30 minutes away, so that didn't make sense either.

Throw away three things...sounds like a good start.

Was at Target last night....downfall, oh yes!!
Anonymous said…
lol, we go thru a lot of paper towels and TP in our house, but there are 7 of us. i'm in awe of the wine at your superstore tho, and that pie is beautiful. hope it was good. :)
most ppl i know with smaller families split their superstore buys with someone else. we actually use all the waffles, cereal, and yes, rice.
not sure about the gum, maybe give it out at halloween?? ;)
islaygirl said…
i LOVE the 'throw away 3 things' idea. may i adopt it?
Anonymous said…
You don't want to know that my son discovered huge packs (2,5 lbs!) of M&Ms from tha tstore and I had to drag them all across the ocean back home...I am both ashamed (of actually doing that) and proud (of my son's huge smile upon seeing packs).
And...I bought one jug of CDN maple syrup too was delicious.
Anonymous said…
The muffins freeze well. I knew you wanted to know :-) And it takes them FOREVER to get stale. I don't want to know how they do that.

We once bought a gallon of sweet pickle relish at Sam's. No, I don't know why we did that, it took like 6 years to use it up. Sheesh.