so we were sitting here watching a submarine movie

And I am embarrassed to admit that it was Down Periscope and it did suck mightily.

But imagine my surprise when I heard a voice that I thought was Alan Alda, and it turned out to be Jonathan FROM SURVIVOR.

Breakfast with my girlfriends this morning.
K returns to work with G.
Youngest's Ig subclasses came back within normal ranges with the exception of the IGg being low and the IGe being high.
Middle has a meeting with his math teacher.
Oldest was home for 5 minutes last night.

I think this is the first day I will be alone in the house since the third week of December.
I think I'll do some laundry and make some chicken for dinner.

I need to go to Whole Foods.
I need to go wake the kids.


Badger said…
Hey, Rip Torn and Harry Dean Stanton were in that one! How bad could it be?

I have been hungry for Nigella's chicken thighs with lemon. And now I'm hungry for it even more.
After two months of solid guests and two weeks of school vacation, today is the first day I am alone too...and it feels heavenly!
Call for Pizza!
Anonymous said…
now I'm getting intrigued about this whole submarine movie thing...
Poppy B. said…
After yesterday's almost-missed-the-train, whoops!-trains-running-late, can-you-drive-me-to-the-station debacle, my husband had the good sense to leave the house before I woke up.

Any minute now ... I WILL BE ALONE.

Thank God,
Greta Garbo
Anonymous said…
The agony and ecstasy of the first day alone after a long time.

It's good but I always feel a little melancholy...
--erica said…
How wonderful.
Anonymous said…
I've never seen Down Periscope, but I gather from your post I am not missing much :) I wish we had a Whole Foods in my town *sigh*.