the pie


the culprit


bedecked pie

the pie.


celestial opus said…
so sad. but it went out happy with that whipped cream and chocolate garnish
Anonymous said…
And you thought you might throw some of it out?

I SO have to go buy/actually make an apple pie now. Yum!
Anonymous said…
I can understand the whip cream, but the chocolate? on apple pie? hmmmmm, curious.

Your comments about the Jacob's Surprise Birdbath had me in hysterics along w/the little person on the wine box. OMG! Laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. Thank you BB, you are the best!!! I needed that!

Oh, & I now have my very own BLOG, finally, but it's a music blog since that's what I'm really into. Click on my name to lurk it out if you're so inclined.
Angela said…
I envy that someone. For his pie acquisition, and for his headgear.
BabelBabe said…
it's nice to see that other people's everyday dishes are as fancy as mine.
Anonymous said…
Did we just witness "Mission Impossible 4"???
Y is a hero!