a note on the pie

My brother pointed out that I posted about purchasing the largest apple pie in the world and announced that we had eaten all of it a mere 24 hours later.
The truth of it is, it took us a week to eat that pie.
I didn't want you to think we were capable of anything superhuman.
Because it's all about quality over here - and not so much quantity.

Which brings me to butter.
Don't laugh - we can discuss fat at the drop of a hat here in Tuvalu.
So, K and I were in the market yesterday researching butter.
Because, I am here to tell you, high milk fat content butter is only pennies more than boring old butter.
No one wants boring butter on their homemade bread.

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Land O Lakes. Nothing wrong with it, nothing special about it.
But, see, if you go up a notch to


some nice New Zealand butter, well, then, you'd see that it tastes creamier.
Or you could try some

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Plugra...I just like saying Plugra. Try it.


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go further and have some French butter. Better still.

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This one's even better, with a super-high milk fat number...
pass the Lipitor -

we can't believe

We can't believe you'd use this stuff...*

Check back next week.
I'm learning to identify nuts.

nut id

*Don't get all smart on my ass, I know there was a tub of Shed Spread in my fridge the other day - it was purchased for an secret experiment.


islaygirl said…
i am deeply envious over the butter options you have. here in the southwest we have land o' lakes and .... land o' lakes. even whole foods doesn't have quite the stunning selection. i love lurpak.
Paula said…
Where are you buying your butter that it is so cheap?!
Jennifer said…
I never know what kind of butter to buy. But I do know we can't get it that cheap here in Canada. It's at least 5 or more dollars. I'll check next time I'm there. I buy imperial margarine.. and the tub is $3.??
Anonymous said…
I'm just wondering the opposite, how butter can be that expensive? In the UK we pay about 69p for a pack of Lurpak - I know we're closer and all, but it still seems a hell of a difference.
Heather said…
Some Irish butter on a French baguette is lunch in our house on more days than I care to admit.
Katy said…
That's a lot of butter choices. Were you at the super-special dairy store or something? Here in Chicago we have Land-o-Lakes and store brand, salted and unsalted. That is all. I never even thought that there would be other choices besides making your own.

Are those prices for a full pound of butter? I know that even store brand is closer to $5/pound here. You are definitely getting a better butter shopping experience.
jenny said…
tuvalu...a butter lover's dream...who knew?

I like Kate's, personally.
robiewankenobie said…
those really are enviable prices. i feel like a heathen for not knowing that there was butter out there that would put my lurpac to shame. i must go on a hunt!
Anonymous said…
I was thinking the same thing about great butter prices...until I noticed the nicer ones were only 8 ounces, not a full pound. I might be terrible with measurements but I do know 8oz = 1/2 lb. I think the butter I bought (Tillamook, representing the state here) was $3? Or was it $4? I know Trader Joe's butter was a dollar cheaper per pound.

BabelBabe said…
Ilove butter, and it is the thing I REFUSE to give up, no matte rhow skinny I would become.

But it must be unsalted.

I am off to try Plugra. For you.
Anonymous said…
you have a lovely selection of butters at your store--our choices are not nearly so elaborate...glad you have fun even while shopping for groceries....
Anonymous said…
Oh lovely butter, unsalted lurpack for me and it must be on thick enough so you leave teeth marks in when you bite into your bread.
Anonymous said…
French butter? Oh, yum. I used to get a kind that had oversized grains of seasalt mixed in. Heavenly!
Anonymous said…
Gee, your hair smells terrific! I can't believe it's not butter!
Anonymous said…
Question: Are you comparing the price of 8 oz of butter to that of 1 pound (which is 16 oz)? Just curious!
Anonymous said…
French butter is cheaper there than here in France!! Oh my maybe its magic!!
blackbird said…
People: I am not comparing the prices of the butter - YOU ARE.

I am discussing the fat content in the butters.
The butters pictured are all different sizes - if you want to compare the prices you have to look at the orange tags on the shelves
Anonymous said…
Add me to the throng: Where are you shopping that is such a complete and total butter-o-rama?
Anonymous said…
Boy, you shake the crowds!
Butter mania going on!!!