my saga continues

I bought a couple of things at the thrift shop yesterday with the intent of sewing one,
but I continue to search on line in the hopes of finding a haramaki that suits me.
This has provided some very interesting results:


Although it is thin, this set, which this winter I CANNOT RELEASE.
(a little girdle-looking, don't you think?)


They're right.

support garment

This is about World War II, isn't it.

You look at details.


Angela said…
I really like the idea of building in the arrival of the surprise. (Not to mention the power net. I believe I could be much more ambitious if I had a power net built in.)
BabelBabe said…
you are hilarious.

the whole leotard/snapcrotch thing....NEVER AGAIN. I learned my lesson in junior high!
Anonymous said…
That is some crazy English.

I like the ones in the top picture. Kind of apron-y.
Anonymous said…
I would almost be tempted to buy you a ticket to Japan if I could come along and watch. It's one giant, nutty place. (But I mean that in the very nicest way.)
Anonymous said…
"If the air was attached . . ." Yes, if only.
Joke said…
Isn't "Snapcrotch" one of those boy bands?

Anonymous said…
Love the Japlish. Remember Aprica strollers' motto?
"For Happiness of World Babies."
Here's my take on haramaki:
"I am for the making of finding hardness haramaki own.
Knit is prefer, also sew finds allowance in body warming.
The cutting of old sweater bottoms comes brain-wise yet warning ravel may be upsetting, no work. Happiness of world bodies makes main idea."
Anonymous said…
oh my . . . these are fabulous descriptions. Especially the one about the allied powers...!!
kt said…
..."if this underwear the (wa) it is not attached!"

Is that like the Monty Python sketch with the "Put your hand go WAAH!"?

Please, YOU continue to look at details...and then share with us.

BTW, whatever happened with the uber-special non-Alzheimer's-inducing deodorant? Did I miss that post?
blackbird said…
Deodorant: found -
Whole Foods won't sell it because it has talc in - anyway, it's difficult to use!
It can't be used after you shave and I'm not sure it's especially effective.
(no idea how much to use!)
Anonymous said…
I may just have to link you for first laugh of the morning...this is WONDERFUL!! (esp. the Allied Powers part...)

still cackling...
Anonymous said…
My favorite part is the last models' expression - was she surprised by the Allied Superpowers, or did her snapcrotch just let go?
celestial opus said…
daysgoby,perhaps she was getting a little too close to someone else's snapcrotch?