I'm working on it

Of course my links didn't come with me.
And, of course, I wanted less space between column A and B/sidebar and main.
I'm lefthanded you know, so I like the photos to be on the left, Badger.
Red may not be the color I want, but I'm not sure right now.
I think I like it better - but I need to get rid of those little tools.
And why isn't there a setting with which a post publishes itself at an appointed time?


Jennifer said…
Did you save a copy of your old temlate in notepad like I told you to? Is there somewhere you can click that says something to the affect of " convert back to old template"

In the template area scroll down to where you find Content, Main, Sidebar. Find where it says
sidebar:float left and change it to right.

I like the yellow background... much easier on the eyes then the white :)
and the spacing looks fine to me.

Good luck.. you'll get the hang of it.
Paula said…
No you don't have to label everything. I don't but I don't remember if I had to turn it off or just ignore it. I think I just ignore it. And I think only you see the little tools on your blog, they aren't there all the time and I don't know enough about anything to know what turns them off and on. I know, I know I should be working at a help desk somewhere...
Amy A. said…
labels are optional. I may go back and get rid of all mine. I like when the crafty bloggers use them, though. It's easier to find projects I remember that way.

I also miss the publish timer. I don't think the new version has it. But if you find it, let us know.
Carol said…
Welcome to the other side.
Unknown said…
I changed last week and didn't lose anything because I didn't change my template. If you change your template (and you did) nothing seems to work right and, from what I have seen, it's hard to get your template to accept the old stuff in your sidebar.

How much do you know about editing your sidebars? I may be able to help you.

Also, to post at a different time or to advance post, when you are about to post, way down at the bottom of the page under the box with your post, you can click on the options and change the time.
KPB said…
Poppet - it's beige.
You're going the beige? the off-white? the taupe?

it's just, you struck me as much more of the clean lines, minimalist type.

Thanks for the heads up on the left handed thing - it makes sense for the orientation.
Birchsprite said…
A change is as good as a rest as they say!
ohhhhhhhhhhhh I like your clean tri color post and site. But I miss your photos!!
~ej said…
change is good! i'm still not keen on my blog's font, but it took so long to get the colours right, i don't wanna mess with it anymore.
i like your left handed sidebar! :)
and i got rid of my labels, i figured no one used them, lol!!
welkom to the dark side ;)