We get a newsletter from time to time from a neighbor of ours.
After careers as a personal trainer, a nutritionist and a marketing analyst, she has become an acupuncturist and practioner of Chinese medicine.
I don't have a problem with any of that - I admire her for studying all these roads and doing things she enjoys.
Acupuncture makes me a little nervous though...and sometimes just looking at the stuff in Chinese medicines makes me kind of nauseous.
I also tend to think that I would go see the tiny old Chinese man down the road for my acupuncture or medicine if I needed it.
I like the way he sweeps the sidewalk every day at seven in the morning.

In the most recent newsletter, my neighbor extolls the virtues of haramaki.
Sushi, I'm thinking...
but, no.
A belly warmer.


Made from stretchy wool or cotton and worn from hip to ribs to keep ones internal organs warm, it is a tube. Some have pockets.
charcoal one

I was moderately interested.
So, of course, I googled it.
And after lots and lots and lots of reading, I TOTALLY WANT ONE.
I want one of these, created by a guy who decided to bring the garment out of the granny world and into MINE.
All. Sold. Out.


So many choices...I'm so disappointed...and my internal organs are SO COLD.


And theirs are so warm.
And groovy looking.


BabelBabe said…
you could just buy a, um, girdle.

these look very cute on these very skinny people. But aren't her CALVES cold too?
Anonymous said…
I'm thinking this may be a good solution to the problem of low rise jeans. If one has to buy/wear them, at least one could get some decent coverage by adding one of these.
Badger said…
Oh. Damn. Now I WANT ONE TOO.

And also, I want that jacket the guy(?) on the left is wearing.

I have had good and bad acupuncture. Sometimes you can't feel it at all. Sometimes it feels like exactly what it is (i.e., a bunch of needles POKING INTO YOUR SKIN). It depends on the practitioner.
Anonymous said…
What about the back view?! I'm quite sure that I don't want to accentuate my backside! Sure, my internal organs are all cozy, but you don't care about that, you're just aghast at the giant ass-wrap I'm wearing. Gah!
Anonymous said…
Heh. She said "ass-wrap."
Anonymous said…
I bought one a couple of years ago but never wore it until last Saturday when I was going to a rally on a really cold day. I can't say that it reliably closed the gap between my low rise jeans and my sweater.

However, it was hand-knitted.
Anonymous said…
I bet you are creative enough to rig one of these up all by yourself. Save your cash and get crafty! ;)

They look cool... in a warm way.
blackbird said…
I'm thinking of going to the thrift shop to look at a sweater to cut up...
Anonymous said…
"My internal organs are SO COLD" is my new favorite sentence. I think I'll try to work it into conversation today...
Anonymous said…
On the subject of cold organs I remember in my early twenties, I would leave home on -30 days with my mother asking me if I was wearing appropriate underwear and the receptionist at work echoing her. I figger they both thought my fertility was on the line if I wasn't wearing doubleknit bloomers.
Anonymous said…
Oh! Every day I wait for my daily discovery.
An internal organs' warmer...
I officially live on a different planet here.
Anonymous said…
I swear it's one of the things Oldest yelps out as he's doing Tae Kwon Do. Who knew he was yelling for the Belly Warmer?
Anonymous said…
I like the boots on the person on the left. him? her?

machine full a nice, at least 80% wool, sweater and once you have shrunk it down to a good size, lop it off. You can make wrist warmers too. (or leg warmers if your legs are very skinny...)
Suse said…
Portly doing fluffily.

Shit, now I need one too.

(Especially as the pill it is difficult to come out).
Anonymous said…
Wow. Those are cool. I have one must too!
Poppy B. said…
Just so you know, the internal organs are the last part of your body to freeze. You've heard about frostbitten toes and noses and such, right? But never a frostbitten large intestine? That's because it's already frikkin warm in there.

Save your money.
Anonymous said…
A belly warmer!! Who would have thought it. My neck is cold so i wear a scarf most the time...but a belly warmer, it looks like what pregnant women wear.
halloweenlover said…
I sooo need one of those! One of my complaints with breastfeeding has been that when I lift my shirt, my belly is freezing! This is the perfect solution! I need one too!
Anonymous said…
hopped over from domesticali's.


these are great, but what is meant by

portly doing fluffily?
Anonymous said…
I love haramaki!
I get mine from Haramaki Love.
I also bought some from the Hobonichi in the past- they are great but just a little too thick for my liking, don't wear all that smoothly under the clothing.
Anonymous said…
and available in the UK now at nukunuku.co.uk. Hobonichi really too thick? they are so so lovely though - exclusive and quick to sell out.