events of the day (but not today. or yesterday either)

Some things I'd buy from Boden -


(a blue and brown fried egg dress)

as if I have any business buying anything from anywhere...


Now that I look at this trench I'm thinking that though the buttons are cute, the coat itself could be kind of wonky.


I like these a lot - but when I look at these closely I think they may be wonky too.


Cute skirt?
Or wonky?
Does anyone in my reader pool have any experience with Boden clothing? It looks crisp and well made on the models in the catalogue - but less so in the close-ups....

We are working very hard to make final decisions on our bathroom re-do.
We've pretty much decided on the floor, in a celadon color -

paris tile

But the wall tile is just not coming together...
we have little imagination and tend to be easily steered by salespeople only to later discover that they designed bathrooms for Elvis and Liberace.
We never seem to be able to imagine the space - even with K's computer imaging.
And so we've shied away from finalizing the walls.

robin's egg

Good color...

(there are nine different tile shapes in this photo)
Nice design - but K hates subway all square tiles...
We realized that we were pricing handmade ceramic tiles - which is exactly what we did for our kitchen.
They aren't cheap, and when we were doing the kitchen I found a great small-batch tile manufacturer who was well equipped to do exactly what we wanted -for far less money than anyone else was charging.
So - here we are nearly five years later.
Who made our floor for the kitchen?
No. Idea.
English sounding name, we thought -
and we thought we knew where they were based.
After days and days of searching online, WE FOUND THEM.
They had moved.
Now we'll see if they can do tile for the bath.

After we looked at tile the other day we went for cupcakes.
At the famous cupcake bakery.

cupcake sign

Which had a lot of rules...

bakers are working

I don't know who's been disturbing the bakers.
And I'm not sure what all the fuss is about their cupcakes either.
Perhaps I'll bake some now that I've got the bread down.

After the less than impressive cupcakes, K left us - Mom and me, and went home.
Me and mom, mom and me, we went to
1. the jeweler
2. anthro
The jeweler is just ADORABLE and he had sold some things that mom was interested in having him sell - but he sold them for more so it was kind of okay. Plus he fixed her ring which is very special to her, so that was good.
And why didn't he call her when he said he would? weeks and weeks ago?
All righty then.
He has friends in Tuvalu and every time I see him he says: do you know the P's, on 5th street?
And I say: no, I don't believe I do...
And then we go through the whole where-do-your-kids-go-to-school, who-do-you-know-on-5th-street scenario until he is satisfied that I don't know them.
I wanted him to make my ring larger (it's a scootch tight) but he won't.
So. There.

Off in the raging wind to anthro we went.
Huge disappointment.
Really, the only good thing was one of the windows.


Yes. Plants sprouting in zip bags.

What can I say?


Sharon said…
No experience with Boden, but I did see these that reminded me of you.

They are very cute and I'm afraid I must get them.
Anonymous said…
Do you remember when Fussy left her Boden sweaters hanging from the branches of trees for passers by to claim? I think jack had convinced her that they were TOO OLD TOO SAGGY MUST GO NOW!

From that, I conclude that she had loved them from the start, and so you should make a trial purchase.
Joke said…

Thought you ought to know.

celestial opus said…
Yes! to the dress. But don't tell anyone about the fried egg look, they might not notice like some other perceptive bloggers.

And I'm with K. No the the subway tile. But it looks like you have it well under hand!
--erica said…
Love the window display..

and I love subway tile..
Anonymous said…
Ok, I admit. I had never heard of oden before...OK?
I really like that tile, especially the colour, between a pale blue and ash, at least on the screen! But I wanted to ask you if you have ever considered mosaic, it's all the rage here especially for bathrooms (I don't have it).
I fell in LOVE with Anthropologie, thanks to you, SIGH! That is one cute window.
Anonymous said…
I have some Boden kids clothes that I like (cotton is softer than some), and one wrap top. Not sure if it's worth the $, but it's very flattering, so it must be. (right?)

I'd checked out the Magnolia Bakery's cookbook from the library and forgotten about I must go try a recipe and see if it's up to snuff!

former semi-pro baker

p.s. we have a white-tiled bathroom floor. Which is horrible with a dark-haired husband. 'nuff said.
Anonymous said…
Dear Blackbird -

I am one of those guilty Say La Vee lurkers that reads, but never posts. What did it take to make me come out of my internet shell?

A shopping question, of course!

The folks at Boden are lovely, and when you call their Florida call center, they all have lilting faux-British accents. Reminds me of my exchange-student days in London. (How I wish I had taken advantage of those wonderful months as I would today!) Boden's clothes, however, are not quite as the catalog represents. A skirt recently I purchased was described as moleskin lined with poly. In reality it was poly, lined with nothing. (It was such a pretty red. Alas, no lining = snags on tights. Sigh.) They were very obliging when I called to return the skirt, although I still don't have my refund... I bet if you purchase with low/no expectations you will love what you get. I'd also recomend purchasing multiple sizes as their UK to US sizing conversions are just not that accurate.

Finally, thank you for writing your blog every day. I really enjoy reading it.

blackbird said…

See, I knew someone would have some information for me...
and what it adds up to is that Boden may not be worth the Bucks.

Thank you -M.
Anonymous said…
I have some Boden children's clothes which are great and very hard wearing; I got them all second hand. I have to say I think full price, the clothes are a bit pricey for what they are.
Anonymous said…
Love the color of the tile, but don't forget the slip factor. I've spent many an hour wandering around showrooms, furtively licking my hand feeling how slippery the tiles are when wet.
Anonymous said…
Gee, maybe I shouldn't have shared that.
Anonymous said…
Last night I was also cruising the Boden catalog, and by the end of the evening, and after checking the website, I also decided that they were too expensive without more info -though I had my eye on the polka dotted sweatshirt (seemed Marimekko-ish) and one of the flippy skirts... so thanks for your timely post!

I like Magnolia Bakery cupcakes because nothing is too sweet for me -I have the taste buds of a nine year old. The recipe in the cookbook is dead-on and we've made them often. But the best cupcake in the world, in my book, is the Barefoot Contessa's coconut cupcake. Just in case you're looking for inspiration....
Anonymous said…
Be careful using cool colors in the bathroom. It always feels cold and you look like hell when you look in the mirror. Ask me how I know...
Anonymous said…
I'm going to be making cupcakes this week. I love chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and it is my birthday this week, so I will be taking some to my knitting group who will enjoy them with me. The best, easiest simple chocolate cake recipe I've ever found is on the back of the Hershey's cocoa box and can be found here -

It translates quite well into cupcakes at least as good as any you could buy in a bakery. I hope I haven't just bored you to death.
BabelBabe said…
LOVE that dress but it would make melook more pregnant than I already do. not that i am.

also like the skirt very much.

you could pull off the sneakers, but i don't like the color. i think i would like them better in pink or orange...
Anonymous said…
I'm another lurker, and have been for a long while. It's always fascinating, and wonderfully written...

Had to comment about the Boden clothing. We love it... I've ordered tons of it for my kids and we've been happy with the overall quality and durability. And of course, fabulous styles. Some of what we purchased has been passed on to 2-3 other children. (One of which is Karla May's adorable Geej) I typically look on their website for their sale items, since I'm not a big fan of paying full price for most clothing.
blackbird said…
oooh...good idea -
ebay too...
Anonymous said…
1. That Stud Muffin I Married baked our daughter a three-layer Devil's Food cake for her birthday on Sunday. From scratch. With chocolate buttercream icing. Just so you know: three layer cakes are the new cupcake.

2. Subway tiles rock, but you'd probably like the hand-made-y ones that are a little uneven and more expensive than the other ones, because that's just the way you are. We have subway tiles in the old, never-updated bathroom. With white hexagonal ones on the floor. Love. Them.

3. What's wonky?
Anonymous said…
Yeah, wonky. But I LOVE THAT store window.
Anonymous said…
Baggies as plant holders, as modern art! Not wonky at all!
Anonymous said…
Simple Skirt!
I like more than stylish one, Boden Deals are better for me to choose one simple skirt!