a chat with Middle

You'll just have to ignore the typos -
iChatting is very 'on the fly' and Middle learned to spell through the Whole Language Programme, which K and I love to HATE.

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Anonymous said…
I came across your blog through a search I did on "long layered hair", which pulled up one of your archives...go figure. As a mom of 4 (+ 2 step) kids, I totally enjoyed and related to your posts about your sons. I have only recently begun to blog, and I am having a blast with it!
islaygirl said…
you are a very patient woman.
Anonymous said…
I'm delurking again.

Fine, fine post.
Anonymous said…
Great convo. You've got to be the coolest mom, especially since you don't even wince when your son uses swear words, lol(but then again, I can't see you).

I'm another lurker from north CA wine country(Sonoma County. Napa is for auto parts)to add to your list!
BabelBabe said…
i hope my children never discover naked-chix-with-guns. i don't think my heart could take it. you on the other hand are so CALM and COOL and COLLECTED - Ms Blackbird/Cucumber.