you'd never guess

I love submarine movies.
I do!
Okay, not Das Boot - that one is too damn sad, but a slew of others, starting with:

Run Silent Run Deep
Clarke Gable and Burt Lancaster. Is the captain crazy? Will they make it through the infamous Bunko Straits? Isn't Bunko some kind of Korean tile game?

Tagline: You won't come up for air until it's over!
Jon Bon Jovi is the chief engineer!

The Hunt For Red October
Sean Connery is great. And, I just have to say, in the Alec Baldwin/Kim Bassinger divorce, I happen to think that it was Kim who was batshit crazy. I like Alec Baldwin and he's great in this movie. I don't get how Russian submarine crews speak English, or what the hell is going on with that terrible blue screen at the end, but it's great.

Crimson Tide
Another crazy captain. Denzel is great, although I am one of the few women on earth who doesn't faint at the sight of him. This one has a lot of good cameos.

Ice Station Zebra
This one doesn't count. Too much action above the water.


Anonymous said…
I too love submarine movies :)
Anonymous said…
I knew a former relationship was doomed when the guy said "Let's watch my favorite movie, Das Boot!"
In the bedroom.
I think he was hoping it counted as foreplay.
Ah, No.
I lasted through 20 minutes, then a fierce gotta-go-home headache hit.
Anonymous said…
you gotta check out 'destination: Tokyo'

cary grant, captain of a sub.

Anonymous said…
I told M about Destination Tokyo! Maybe she hasn't seen it.

YELLOW SUBMARINE anyone????!!!!

BabelBabe said…
Yes! Yellow Submarine!

Bunco is some bizarre bingo-like game, i thought? My SIL plays it. I think the tile game is mahjong...?
Priscilla said…
"The Hunley"
Movie about the first submarine made during the Civil War. Sad but interesting.

I've never thought about submarines as a class of movies before.
Anonymous said…
in fact. it's the 'bungo' straits.

just thought i would add that.

the enemy below isn't bad either. fyi

blackbird said…
He's right -
the site I got the info on Run Silent was WRONG...

World War II United States Navy submarine Commander "Rich" Richardson, (played by Gable) has an obsession with the Japanese destroyer that sank his previous boat. He is single-mindedly training the crew of his new boat, the USS Nerka, to return to the Bungo Straits (Bungo Suido in the book) and sink that destroyer, captained by the crafty ex-sub, now destroyer captain, Bungo Pete. The executive officer, Lieutenant Jim Bledsoe (played by Lancaster), is worried about the safety of his boat and his crew. They are mystified as to how Tokyo Rose can identify the crew of the boat, they later realize the Japanese are collecting their garbage.

Run Silent, Run Deep has a plot similar to Moby-Dick, with Richardson as Ahab and the Japanese destroyer as the whale.
Anonymous said…
I thought my love of submarine movies was just some leftover "my dad used to build them so how could I not love them" neurosis.

And know, there's a whole league of you. Maybe 20,000 leagues of you...ahahahaha!
Anonymous said…
"batshit crazy" Love that phrase...applies more often than I'd like to admit.
Anonymous said…
i saw the hunt for red october in the theater. three times. as for the others: they are going on the netflix queue RIGHT NOW.
Sharon said…
I loved "Das Boot". I went to it against my will, but ended up sobbing at the end.
Anonymous said…
I was with friends and drinking ((sorta heavily)) while watching The Hunt for Red October and was COMPLETELY BEFUDDLED at the ending. It was such a fun night, I hesitate to destroy the memory by watching it again with all brain cells activated.
Anonymous said…
I present to you,
the ballistic missile submarine,
Red October.

Who DOESN'T love that movie?

Baldwin should have stuck with the Ryan character. Not that Harrison Ford isn't a good Jack Ryan, but it would have been interesting to see what Baldwin could have done with the two other Ryan movies.
Anonymous said…
My husband wants to know: "What about K-19: The Widowmaker with Liam Neeson?"
My husband has a fondness for submarine flicks also...he also reccomends The Enemy Below.....
Happy New Year! Hope all is well with Youngest!
Anonymous said…
As a marine historian and submarine movie buff, "U 571" drives me crazy. It is completely phoney.

A German U-Boat WAS driven to the surface in the the Atlantic in 1941 by three BRITISH warships. "Bulldog" and "Broadway" were two of them. Crews managed to capture an Enigma machine intact, thus enabling the Royal Navy to decipher U-Boat radio transmissions.

This was at least eight months before the USA was bombed into the war at Pearl matter what Hollywood says!