wrap it up

I almost forgot to show you what I want from FAO Schwarz.
Silly me.
There is still time...

Picture 4

Not really for this though.
Never mind, we can purchase it and put it away for NEXT year.
It's an advent calendar...
It's $1100 and it is designed to fit on your (MY) mantle.
Oh, and, it's solid wood.

Here's another great decoration.

Picture 3

He's five feet tall and would look nice on my porch.
He's wearing his 'holiday harness.'
And he's $1600, which, I think, is more money than an ACTUAL LIVING REINDEER.
Then again, this one doesn't poop.
(or maybe it does)

My boys have never really been into trains.

Picture 5

But for ten to twenty thousand dollars we could have a train set of Tuvalu built for us.
I'm not sure though -
it might have to be a joint gift.

Picture 6

Aren't these special?
Nothing says 'I love you' like a wooly mammoth.
The big one is twelve grand, but you'd better order us the little one too as I think they'd look better as mother and child.

Even though Middle STILL wants a giraffe...

Picture 7

...the Greater Kudu is on sale for $499, so I'm thinking is that that is the way to go.

Picture 9

This emperor penguin family, WITH IGLOO, is only $68.
And that may be why it is backordered until December 23rd.

Picture 10


Okay. I am going to leave the realm of the dream gifts for just a moment.
To show you this.

Picture 11

It's a little pony friend who lives between your legs when you are in your car seat.
And that's all I have to say about it.
Because it's Christmas and I should be nice.

I love this.

Picture 12

I really do...
the copy is kind of obnoxious -

Picture 13

but my boys would have loved it. And I would too.

Hey! FAO Schwarz will make YOUR house a DOLLhouse.

Picture 14

You don't even want to know how much this costs.
Every inch of your home in 1 to 1 scale.
Every detail recreated, right down to the fabric of your furniture.
I can just see my Ikea stuff reproduced in miniature.

Picture 16

It's an IVF doll stroller.
(shut up)

Picture 17

These are the Zac Posen Barbie and Ken dolls.
And they are on backorder too.
But that's okay because they are freaking me out a little.
They come with a replica of Zac's studio with little bolts of fabric.

Picture 18

It's life sized.
It's Lego.
It's Batman.
I'm thinking HELL YEAH.
But he's $27,000.
We have many many bins of Legos -
it could be a good vacation project.


Anonymous said…
the advent calendar would make a wonderful keepsake, but the price...!! the pony thingy is creepy.the penguines are cute and if my 12yr old saw lego batman,he'd want him!

Anonymous said…
ok that kiddy kitchen is nicer than my real kitchen...
Amy A. said…
Whoever built batman has way too much time on their hands.

My son is trying to find out what job qualifications are needed to work for lego so he can work there one day.
lol!! You are sooooooo funny!! I cannot beleive some of those toys, I mean most of those toys! To think they will be under a tree or two:
You held on to that pony very well, I am proud of you for not saying anything!! ;)
I want the house ...ikea and all!!!
Anonymous said…
Who's Zac Posen?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I love the IVF stroller...saw one in Walmart yesterday!
KPB said…
Mwhahahahahaha IVF stroller.

But seriously, a dolls house, if this one is a pink one, I'm sparing no - well, maybe just a little - expense.

Bec said…
Yes, I know I should google but who is Zac Posen?

And I love the idea of a lego holiday project: but if you run out of grey lego (all those space station kits) will you have to be creative? Maybe he'd be black and grey lego Batman to the knees, then green lego Joker to the waist, and yellow and red Riddler to the shoulders and blue lego Mr Freeze on top?
Anonymous said…
This is great!
Anonymous said…
Um, OK...
See, nobody here even realizes there are such possibilities in the US...and that is why I absolutely adore it!
What's with the pink bassinette???
Oh and I meant to ssay that I really appreciated K's intervention a few days ago.
Anonymous said…
i think a scaled down version of the advent calendar just made it on the husband's project list.
Anonymous said…
this all really scared me.
Anonymous said…
Great post. maybe you could ask on your blog for odd pieces of lego. It seems even when your children have outgrown it there are always pieces hanging around in litlle pots on windowsills. The only problem with that is, you may have to create a multi-coloured batman.
BabelBabe said…
the pony is just so WRONG.

I'll build you a scale replica of your house, it's what theatre designers DO and I used to be one.
Anonymous said…
Does that Barbie have a tattoo?
blackbird said…
it appears that she does...

and we ALL know that Ken's arms don't bend like that.
Anonymous said…
the little kitchen is most definitely nicer than the one in my apartment.

i have nothing to say about the pony. (except LOOK AWAY!)

and i really, really want that barbie's dress. i love me some zac posen.
Eliane said…
America is as strange to me as ever. But I love the pictures.