We drove from 6:30 this morning until 5:30 this evening...to look at a car.
An old MG.
And it was cute, but crappy.
We made Youngest go with us. He wasn't happy.
And now I'm having a big glass of wine.

Tomorrow morning I'm doing an early mall run and then, I believe, I will be done christmas shopping.

That is all.


Anonymous said…
if you are interested in finding a prticular toy, I may be the girl might want to ask. I have a few sources....just sayin'
Anonymous said…
You = Done Shopping for Christmas/big glass o' wine

Me = Just Starting/several big glasses o' wine*/tipsy/teehee/hee

*2004 Mt. Veeder, Napa Valley Cab by V. Sattui

MGs are sooo cute...hic!
islaygirl said…
DONE shopping? my admiration for you only grows, bb.
I need to drink a big glass a wine..how sobering I haven't even begun to shop for Christmas :)!!
Anonymous said…
Pour me a glass, please.

I'm running a little behind in my Christmas shopping and general holiday preparations. But that doesn't really surprise anyone.