Sometimes I need to go through my 'upload' folder and, uh, upload things.

felt balls

These felt balls sound like fun to make and, although I have no idea how big they are, I'll bet they'd be so pretty in jewel or earth tones on my coffee table.
God help me because I have no idea where I got this photo and it's probably from some wonderfully inspiring craft blogger and I've lifted it and didn't ask permission and I've seen those posts where the adorable and inspiring crafty blogger is so hurt that a photo has been lifted, but I did it and, so, unless I clipped this off some craft store site, FELT BALLS = ANXIETY.

And, sadly, the same goes for this:

felt sushi

Felt sushi
Which is not as much fun to SAY as felt balls.
But, fortunately, I know the origin of.
It's gorgeous stuff but I think this lady's got a lot of time on her hands.

Isn't Frida an amazing film?


There is so much to see -
so many stories.
And those moments of painting interspersed with film are magical.

The guitar teacher brought his theremin over.


Have you heard one?
I was very excited to have one in our dining room.


Have you ever played with one?
Also magical.

One last magical thing - and then I'll slap it's ass and call it a post.


Learn it.
Use it.

In conclusion, I'd just like to say that I find great comfort in the constants in life - the changing of the seasons, the holiday traditions -
and The Bourne Identity being on television EVERY DAY.


Anonymous said…
Oh dear. You weren't talking about MOI, were you? lol
robiewankenobie said…
1) buy you some fancy dancy foamy balls [as fun as saying felt balls, don't you think?] at the craft store

2) buy you some o dat combed wool that is known as roving

3) buy stabby needlefelting needles

4) drape roving over ball

4) stabby stabby stabby (it is terribly fun) the roving

like sex on wheels. seriously.
Katy said…
Robin is right about the felt balls. Here is another option:
1. Take pieces of the roving and make a loose ball shape, approximately 2x the size of the final ball desired.

2.Dunk in a bowl of HOT soapy water.

3.Roll in your hands until it is firm.

4. add layers until it is the size/shape/texture you desire.

5.Needlefelt the last layer if you prefer that texture.

For more information, search for felt beads, but make it bigger.

And you read craftster? I knew you were cool, but now you are even cooler.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm, I've never even heard of theremin. Sound like something to do with vermin, but that can't be right. And look at that fellow's nice, strong fingernails! Just poifect for pluckin' and strummin'.

Ah, the crafty things. They would be airborne, batted and adored here. By 2 small people. So we tend to admire such things from afar. But I will check out this craftster thing to which one of your fans has referred. And dream of future possibilities.
BabelBabe said…
Did you know that Radiohead uses a theremin in their music? Watching the cute dude with the floppy hair play it at shows is fun.
Anonymous said…
Frida is an amazing movie, and you just made our day by putting a name to 'that weird woo-woooooo thing that Keller Williams used in his concert'.

yay bb!