K left his corporate job on Tuesday.
There had been a merger - but it was mostly political. And K doesn't do politics.
He didn't love where he was, that is some small consolation.
We never completely let ourselves bask in the bi-weekly paychecks.
We tried never to take them for granted.
I don't think I'm rationalizing when I say that I was sometimes sad to see him trudge off knowing that it wasn't the best situation.
Well paid, but not the best situation.
I felt like someone took a baseball bat to my knees.
I wanted everyone to know how wonderful and smart and accomplished he is and knowing that there are people somewhere who did not want him made me angry.

After he called and told me, after I called my mom and his mom and emailed my brothers, I sat with a glass of wine and watched his office IM icon.
He was wiping his hard drives of personal information - bank accounts, phone numbers, emails from me, canceling his corporate credit card, tying up loose ends.
I IM'd him from time to time to see how he was doing, to beg him to come home so that we could just be together.
Soon, he'd say -
I just have a little more to do, he'd type.
I sat and watched and waited, wanting him to be here with us, with people who know how accomplished and wonderful he is.
It was only a couple of hours -
but it seemed like forever.
And then, while I was counting the seconds, I heard it -
that whoosh sound that you hear when someone goes offline.
And, with that, that time of mixed blessing, the corporate job, the title, the benefit package, the security, it was all gone.

We sat in stunned silence when he got home.
And, in the morning, he spoke to G who he worked with for years before he took this job.
G said: how quickly can you get here?
And greeted him with open arms and put him right to work.

Last night I went to meet K at the Christmas party.
I didn't see him at first so I went to see G. I wanted to give him a kiss and thank him for appreciating my husband.
But as I crossed the room Ave Maria began to waft through the room -
and before I could say anything G was hugging me and telling me how truly happy he was to see me.
All I could do was try not to cry and thank him.
I went and found K and sat with him while people came over to say how happy they were that he was there.

I think we're going to be okay.
I think it's a strange and wonderful thing.


kt said…
So Sweet, that G. Just the right things to say.

Glad to hear that others appreciate those dear to you.

Sounds like a meant-to-be thing just happened. YAY!
Anonymous said…
I'll go along with the yay! above. From a grim situation to an ideal one ... yay for you both.
Joanna said…
Wow. Sounds like K is going to be surrounded by people who appreciate him at work AND at home. Wonderful!
Anonymous said…
You just took my breath away.

What do 'they' say? One door closes?

Have a wondrous Christmas.

Anonymous said…
I'm glad he had a soft landing, blackbird. The corporate world is an ugly one, isn't it?
Anonymous said…

We've so been there.

Christmas miracles popping up all around.

Extra props to laying people off on December f-ing 19th!!!!!!!

Blessings to you and to K.
Anonymous said…
Between you and Badger and Joke, I've been on way too much of an emotional roller coaster this morning.

I'm glad everything turned out OK.
celestial opus said…
Wow. That's all I can manage right now. I was all set to start crying at the misfortune of the holiday timing and how you could be so calm and still genuinely unselfish about it all, and then you blew me away with G. I love him. You can tell him that for me.
Anonymous said…
:) i'm so happy it worked out the way it should have. so happy. if anyone deserves it, it's ya'll.

i haven't checked in with you since early August-ish. i'm sure i've missed alot, but i'm glad to be back in your wonderful part of the vehicle called the Interweb.

*hugs* and a most wonderful Christmas to you and yours.

(p.s. feel better!! :P)
Badger said…
Well. This gives me hope.

I am happy for K and you and all the people who will now truly benefit from his talent.
Elan Morgan said…
Oh, wow. I am so very glad for G and that everything turned out alright. Happy holidays.
Anonymous said…
A Christmas miracle in its sheerest form.
They do exist!
Merry Christmas and evidently it will be a very warm, exciting 2007 especially for K.
You deserve it.
Anonymous said…
That bread not only landed butter side up -- it never even hit the ground. Merry Christmas bb -- sounds like it will be a very happy new year.
Anonymous said…
Oh, Well Done, K!

I made it all the way to the end w/o crying. But then, when G said "how quickly can you get here?!"? Well, that did it.

You see, My K, my sweet, dear K, is still in corporate hell. And the jobs in his specialty? Are scarce. And the services Youngest needs? Are in place, here, and we have a finely tuned week, with a combination of public and private therapies. Which has been a full-time job for me find 'the best of the best; then to set up and keep humming. Could we replicate them elsewhere? Probably.

But my sweet, dear K will not rock the services by relocating, which is what we would have to do. So he puts up with corporate hell, for the benefits and paycheck, and
a little more, every week.
My sweet K is 8 years younger than me, and looks 10 years older.

So I shed quiet tears of joy for you and your K, knowing what a HUGE and wonderful leap of faith you all have made, and what a lovely holiday you'll have.

And that you deserve all that goodness, very much.
Anonymous said…
bb--a true Christmas miracle! G must be an angel in disguise. I'm living a packing to go home for the holidays emotional rollercoaster ovah heah, so your good news has bolstered me for the next wave of MUST DO BEFORE I go off to work at 12:30.

What a true blessing.

I can't stop shaking my head over how quickly this all resolved itself.


--erica said…
I can hear that woosh. The sound that says...."done".

I'm so glad for he has found his place.
Anonymous said…
I have some idea of how how you feel and how K feels. Corporate life can be entirely dreadful. Your very self (and financial)-worth is all tied up in your job. It's hard not to let it define who you think you are. Paranoia abounds. It can feel like you're a barnyard animal in a barnyard. When dynamics change, the situation can become untenable. Good for K. G's a better guy for your smart and great K.
Merry Christmas, Robin
Anonymous said…
My, that brought back memories form long ago. I'm so happy things fell into place at just the right time for you bb, it is a strange and wonderful thing.
L. said…
The best opportunities are often uncovered under the worst circumstances.

You're drinking from your saucer now, because your cup is overflowed.

God Bless Us all, its Christmas.
Anonymous said…
"I felt like someone took a baseball bat to my knees.
I wanted everyone to know how wonderful and smart and accomplished he is and knowing that there are people somewhere who did not want him made me angry."

I think you're pretty damn good at things, too. Beautifully described.

I'm happy for your family that things worked out so quickly, so effortlessly, and with friends.

Happy, Happy.
Anonymous said…
Oh, thank goodness. I'm glad the bounce was small and the landing soft.

Happy Holidays!
Anonymous said…
38 Special's "Back Where You Belong" is playing nonstop in my head now.
Angela said…
It IS a wonderful life, no?

Congratulations to K, and the best of holidays to you and your family!
Anonymous said…
Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts. You'll have a truly Merry Christmas.
What a loving wife and friend you are!
What a gift you have in each other.
How you wrote this, how it reads, the feelings it conjures, the images it allows to sip in...bravo.
It will be a "Merriest" Christmas!
Anonymous said…
It is a strange and wonderful thing. Am so glad for the bb family, that all is back as it should be.
Poppy B. said…
Holy crap, I get in the car and drive from Chicago to New Hampshire, and while I was on the road, you certainly were busy, weren't you?

I'm so glad G appreciates K. Yay for Mr. G!

But does this mean you won't move to Chicago?
Anonymous said…
That is the best present one could ever hope for.
Deb said…
Amazing how the universe works things out for us, huh? Have a very Merry Christmas and wonderful year ahead - Deb (one of your "lurkers"!)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing such an intimate moment so simply and so beautifully. Now, Let The Good Times Roll . . .