three rhetorical questions and one I need an answer to

1. Why do desk calendars now include three months from the previous year?

2. What's up with all the buy a car for Christmas ads? WHO THE HELL IS GIVING CARS FOR CHRISTMAS?

3. Whose idea was it to inject such drama into the daily weather report?

4. Do you want a big recap of the Survivor finale, or just the highlights? - I took a lot of notes but I feel like just wrapping it up.

Thank you for your kind words following my way-too introspective post...
there's nothing quite like the reinforcement one can get from a baker's dozen of internet friends.

-More later.


BabelBabe said…
I would like a car for Christmas. Also a a vacation home at the shore, and some cashmere cardigans in neutral colors, and that pair of black Campers. Also, a polar bear. And airplane tickets to Paris. Or, heck, my own private jet. Why not?

H's boss gave his wife a car for Christmas a couple years ago. A Mercedes, I think, or maybe a BMW. I always wondered how he knew what color to get her.
--erica said…
about survivor..just talk.. highlights are great or your thoughts!!!!:)
Anonymous said…
I accidently saw bits of it while I was folding laundry and avoiding vacuuming our bedroom. What I cannot believe is the NEXT one - YEEEYIKES! Poisonous snakes? Fiji? Remind me not to take the children there for vacation.
Wrap it up - It IS the week before Christmas!
Anonymous said…
I'm just going to assume the Number One is the one that you want the answer to.

It's for people who are trying to get pregnant, of course. They need to keep track of when they bleed the blood of sin.

[um, that last sentence was a joke. just to clarify in case people want to shoot me.]
Anonymous said…
1. My husband uses the desk calendar a lot, and those months are usefule to counut working days, paycheck and such.
2.Loaded people.
3. EVERYTHINIG has become drama now a days.
4. Do whatever you feel. I know nothing about Survivor living here but I see lots of peopel are waiting for your comments.

You know lots of u rely on your posts, don't you!
Anonymous said…
omg, you are too funny & prolific too! you've been posting merrily away, sheesh. i guess that NaBloPoMo stuff really took effect eh, lol?

just wanted to comment on your "Frida" movie comment. i ADORE this movie! it is such a passionate, colorful, artistic film & Salma Hayek is just incredible in it. i love the recreations of Frida's paintings with the actors in them--brilliant. i also have some hispanic ancestry in my blood so the inside look into the culture was fascinating.

btw, i saw "Love Actually" last week(i got it from the library)& it was an entertaining movie. it was cute & sweet but i found some parts pretty corny. i may watch it again though cause i like to give movies a chance to grow on me & i find i usually miss some of the details the first time around(esp. w/those english accents i miss alot). thanks for the recommendation, glad i've seen it now.
umm, i have no answers to your questions, sorry, lol!
Anonymous said…
For those of us who deal with schools, a calendar that starts in September (or even August) is helpful, but October ????? Maybe for instant gratification so the recipient can start using it right away.
Anonymous said…
As a kid, living as i did with a Dad who was a car nut, man ho would arrivve home from work on any Tuesday with new car he decided to buy, I fantasized A LOT that i would find one, with requisite bow of course, waiting for me at Christmas.
Damn if it never happened, but I have received mag wheels and car mats from him before. Not quite the same, I know.
Anonymous said…
Please post EVERYTHING about Survivor. I have watched ALL 13 seasons, and every episode of this season and I have come to look forward to your summaries more than the actual show. In fact, last week my husband was on a business trip and I dvr'ed the show for him, but instead of watching it he just read your summary! We have both commented that we hope you pick another show to summarize until the next season starts.

Sorry if I sounded a tad bit stalkerish there, I'm really not.
Priscilla said…
1. So you can buy your calendar earlier. Like renewing your mag subscriptions 6 months in advance.

2. Nobody I know, or will ever know but would like to become their very best friend.

3. Drama in weather report? Well where I live weather is not too exciting, I don't mind a little weather drama.

4. Highlights please.
Anonymous said…
I just stumbled across your survivor recaps recently and I enjoy them immensely. Maybe that could be your kindness for today - providing some humor on a drab Monday.
Anonymous said…
I've never seen Survivor; just your comments seem to do it for me.

Drama in the weather report? You must live in a much more exciting climate than I do.
Anonymous said…
Oprah. I think Oprah is giving cars for Christmas. Oh, and the boy at our house is hoping Santa will bring him one.

Not a chance.
Anonymous said…
In Pittsburgh, the weather reports are CALLED Severe Weather Reports, even if all they're reporting is balmy and 70 degrees out there.

(Which it isn't at the moment, but it's sunny, woo hoo!) I would imagine it's in the 30s...