sweet fancy Moses*

We are remodeling our bathroom.
We have been remodeling our bathroom for just over a year.
If we don't make some decisions soon and finish the demo and move forward - it may never be started, um, DONE.
I've been wanting to add a bathtub to the room - and there is the space for it, but MY GOD the choices...
you look at tubs for three, four, seven thousand dollars and your head is swimming. And then you get down to basics and research simple five foot bathtubs for eight hundred dollars and you find yourself thinking HELL NO I don't want any old eight hundred dollar bathtub! There must be SOMETHING special about a five thousand dollar hole in the floor that you fill with water to soak in your own dirt in, right?
Do I want 'soft grip handles?'
Why do the words 'anti skid bottom' scare me so?
Where do I need my flange? My drain?
Don't you think installing a five foot tub with 50 jets and colored lights will end up being a mistake?
I just can't see myself selling this house in 5 or ten years and saying to prospective buyers: just wait until you see the tub in the master bath.
This is a humble little home, I think we should show some restraint in the bathroom.
As it were.

And the room itself...gah.
It has a high vaulted ceiling, but it is a small room.
I've been online looking at sites for inspiration and I am scared by what I've seen.
Who in their right mind has a room like this?

Picture 5

Sign me up for the black toilet and tub - really, I WANT to be scrubbing soap scum for the REST OF MY LIFE.
Plus, I LOVE the idea of the WHOLE ROOM as my shower.
What a time saver.

Imagine if you were at my house for a visit...imagine if you went upstairs and needed to use my bathroom and you opened the door and saw this?

Purist suite

Could you keep a straight face with those faucets peeing like that?
I need A LOT of floor space in my bathroom - so K and I can have matching LEATHER STOOLS. You know, to sit our WET NAKED BUTTS on after a shower.

This is what my living room would look like -

Bancroft suite


I actually, sort of, like this...

Iron works: Tellieur suite

but there is no way we are purchasing a SIX THOUSAND DOLLAR bathtub.
I could have all the money in the world and not feel comfortable buying a six thousand dollar bathtub. (Can you hear K? he's saying: YOU DON'T AND YOU WON'T.)

This is really very US.

Picture 1

Even the ladder.
K wants to do beadboard - I have rarely seen it done well, and we don't have unbroken wall space.
I like all the white, and the dark floor - (note to me, slate floor and white tiles?)

Picture 2

Not bad...looks like a nice deep tub - do I want a sprayer?
K does not like subway tile. He spends enough time in the subway.

Picture 3

All that space and a phone booth for a shower? Tsss.
Mind if I use the beeday whilst you shave at your perfectly illuminated sink?


Picture 4

It's the Cirque Du Soleil bathroom.
The toilet is floating.


Picture 6

would look nice at my contemporary beach house. WHICH I DON'T OWN.
I like the idea of this minimalist look, but we would have shampoo bottles and hair brushes and baskets of crappe all over the place.

The whole point of this little online foray was to research tubs.
And so I think I'll either go with:

The Marie Antoinette

Picture 8

which appeals to that Princess-y Girl-y Pink-y thing that really never surfaces in my day to day life.


This giant hulking $16,000 hand carved block of STONE tub

Picture 7

which epitomizes the rough, sexy, natural side of me showing through.
In my bathroom.

*I've been working hard to incorporate this phrase into my daily life.


Anonymous said…
I hear ya, sister.
We remodeled our bathroom this summer and the choices and decisions were endless.
It's nice to see you having fun with this. I lost my sense of humor some time during week three and I'm still looking for it.
Anonymous said…
We are thinking of adding a bathroom, too, so I've done research myself. If you find a tub that's deep enough for my 5'8" frame to sink down into - LET ME KNOW.

We were thinking bead board, too with a sink set into an antique dresser or dressing table.
BabelBabe said…
i ADORE the first tub way up in the post that you liked, with that iron band-y thing around it. also the marie antoinette. although it looks like it should come with - forgive me as i mix my history - Marat-Sade already installed.

Pls not the granite hunk. it looks like a kettle. Mmmmmm, Blackbird soup.
Katy said…
If you have the whole room as a shower, what do you do when K is in the shower and you just need to pee (or vice versa)? There is something to be said for a distinct line between water areas and dry areas in a bathroom.

That freestanding tube in the iron cage is really cool.
Bec said…
Why spend the $16,000? You could just find a big hunk of stone and set a tap dripping over it for - say - 1000 years? That's how long most bathroom renovations seem to take anyway: gah!

(ps. I like the ladder one best)
Rae said…
That living room bathroom! Am I just really ignorant when I say that I didn't know people had leather comfy chairs in their bathrooms?
Paula said…
Princess-y all the way.

And beadboard too!
Suse said…
Is that a bookcase in that bathroom?!
Anonymous said…
Most of those bathrooms are bigger than my bedroom.

I hate the tubs with the huge surrounds that you have to CLIMB over when all you want to do is relax. I housesat at a house with a tub like that. I like the Marie Antoinette.
Anonymous said…
I've got the good beadbord (which you've seen, because you made me send a picture because you didn't believe that the house looked like a bomb went off in it) and the contractor (the crazy old man who is squatting in our guest house) just used the cheap plywood beadbord to do it. He did an excellent job in painting it, so you can't tell it's the cheap crap.

I like my bathroom. When I feel mopey about the rest of the house, I go there and stare.

P.S. Happy birthday to your boy, too.
KPB said…
You have been on such a posting roll of late - wonderful pictorial posts, humour, life, love - just perfect. And an absolute joy to read. Catching up on your world is trully a highlight to my daily life at the moment.

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Ooh, I love the last two...

The third from the top: is the idea that you lounge in the armchair having a chat with the person sitting on the loo?
Anonymous said…
I'd go for the block of stone. If it were about $15,500 less. I *would* have a sprayer thingy with the tub, if I had a choice. It's always nice to rinse after a bath, to ensure there are no particulates remaining on one's skin.