We are getting down to the wire -
sunday is the final episode.
Jonathan is now on the jury, and he wants his hat back.
Adam and Poverty are bonding, not as well as Adam and Candice did, but there is some snuggling going on.
Unfortunately, they are up against Yul. And Yul is mighty.
Aligned with Yul are Ozzy, Becky and Sundra, who, apparently, know where their bread is buttered.

It's day 34 and Yul's shirt is oh-so-artistically torn...
there is a mud challenge, but it's not wrestling, it's how much mud can be transported on ones body.
The reward is a day and night at a spa, with hot showers and laundry and massages.
(I think Sundra is wearing a Land's End bathing suit.)
Ozzy wins handily, and mud-ily, carrying 45 pounds of mud on his scrawny body - coming in second and third are Poverty and Yul.
So, it's off to the spa for them.

They send Adam to Exile Island and Becky and Sundra return to camp and bond over the mud.

At the spa, Poverty tries to use her feminine wiles to flip Ozzy's vote for the next tribal council.
She gets a little tipsy and they strip down in the hot tub.
We are not impressed.
Yul see's through it too though he tells us that Ozzy might "play the game."
The game, which K points out, is HIDE THE SALAMI.

When they return to camp Yul checks in with Becky.
She tells him that they have to get rid of Ozzy ASAP.
He tells her that he underestimated Poverty...

It's time for an immunity challenge and the contestants must carry maze pieces over beams and put them together and roll some cannonballs through them.
Ozzy takes a huge lead and wins.

And, from here on, the gyrations (no, not those natives with the underwire miracle bras!)
are complicated and confusing.
Adam tells Yul that he wants to stay.
Yul says he'll take care of it.
But, Yul tells Poverty that he feels Adam is a big threat (which doesn't exactly mean he won't vote her it's not a lie).
Adam wants to know what Ozzy is doing...Ozzy isn't sure.
Yul smacks Adam down for talking so much (and this WORKS, it amazes me).
Yul brings Jonathan's hat to tribal.
Jeff makes much of this manipulation which I, personally, thought Yul did to be nice and not to swing votes.
And they vote Poverty off.

That's it folks - on sunday, with a double episode, it's all over.
Will we all be swept up in the YUL - tide?


Anonymous said…
the yul-tide???


am so very glad they've gotten rid of poverty.
Amy A. said…
I like Yul, but I didn't like seeing him talk out of both sides of his mouth this week.

I'm veering toward Ozzy lately.
christa said…
yul-tide. *groan*.

i gotta wonder whether becky is gonna pull some sorta knife-in-the-back as soon as yul has to give up his immunity idol. i think she can wrangle it... she seems pretty conniving.

and, really... is there nothing ozzy can't do? that man is superhuman. a MACHINE!