It's getting gritty and real and, when they don't use night vision cameras, I can remember people's names.
There was a very close vote last week and Yul is very busy manipulating and commanding.
But in that benevolent King And I sort of way.
Poverty wants to throw up all over Jonathans face.
And Jonathan, who at least is really PLAYING is bitching about Poverty.
He feels like he is in a clown house. We don't really know what that means.
Then everyone starts bitching about Jonathan and we realize that this is the bitching episode.

There is the long awaited auction -
Jonathan buys a hot dog and fries
Poverty buys a hot bath and cake
Becky spends borrowed money and all of hers on a note that sends someone to Exile Island immediately - and I don't know why, but she chooses Candice. WHY?
Yul then, for no apparent reason, confesses he has the idol and shows it to everyone. WHY?
Ozzy buys an ice cream machine
Jonathan buys a pizza
Becky spends all her money on a sea cucumber
and Jonathan rounds out the action by purchasing a toothbrush and paste.

Because he ate like a pig and seemed arrogant the team launch into a why we hate Jonathan campaign - and he says he can feel a change in the energy.

Meanwhile, on Exile Island, Candice is crying her eyes out - but she never lets the team see her upset.

It's time for a challenge - and it's a quiz with some obstacles thrown in for good measure.
You answer a question, get a number, take a key, climb through some stuff and raise a flag.
Adam wins nicely.

During the commercial break, I decided on this new line I'm going to say to people.
When I am aggravated by people, I'm going to shout: What do you want, a limo?
Spread it around -

Back at the camp it's time to work through the vote.
There are alliances to be discussed and Yul advocates for Jonathan - and sounded fair and honest.
Jonathan brings in a batch of fish whilst Candice, Poverty and Adam are relaxing in the hut.
Jonathan cooks the fish and eats the fish with the rest of the team without inviting the three who are 'resting' to join them.
And so, the shit hits the fan.
Candice tells him off and paints an ugly picture of Yul - which I didn't think was fair.
People say terrible things about Jonathan - and though they may be true, it isn't pretty.

At tribal council more is spilled and the team is cranky -
and I noticed, over at the jury, that Nate, who is still damn cute, also appears to be damn silly.
Why oh why oh why Candice gets voted out is beyond's the alliance thing that I haven't been able to follow.
She gets a long deep kiss from Adam with the team smiling and giggling -
but the line of the night goes to Jeff:
The kiss was nice but if it was love maybe he would've given you immunity.

Well said.

I'd say things are heating up.


Badger said…
I kind of hated Candice and was glad to see her go.

Parvati is dumber than a box of rocks and I hope she's next.

After chugging a beer and a whole pepperoni pizza, they are lucky Alan Alda was just BURPING.

The only way Yul is going to win now is if he takes Jonathan to F2, assuming Parvati and Adam go next. None of the rest of iTunes have any enemies and everyone thinks Yul is controlling the game, so most of the jury is going to blame him for putting them there.
--erica said…
Yes, I was happy to see Candice go. After the nasty little speech to Jonathon she really did make me feel ill.

I love how everyone acts like they AREN'T playing the game, then get viciously angry when someone does.

I hope Poverty goes home next. Then Adam.

and gasp* I actually LIKE jonathon. I think I've lost my mind.
Anonymous said…
This is the best Survivor I've seen in a while. It started out reeeally slowly, though. We just weren't feeling it, at all. But now, with Jonathon's antics and the way the game has shifted so suddenly--it's exciting and fun to watch again.

I love the fact that "Poverty," Candice and Adam found themselves in the minority all of a sudden, when Jonathon jumped ship--again. HA HA! Those three are completely annoying. So unbelievably self-righteous. Yul and his crew deserve to outlast those dorks.

A hundred bucks says Adam will be putting the moves on Poverty ASAP, now that Candice is gone...wait-- he has already, hasn't he? Sweet, bro.

Nice re-cap, bb--thanks!
Anonymous said…
When I'm frustrated by people, I usually shout, "Unnnngh, where are my tic tacs! Aaaargh." Which is yet another line taken from my favorite movie.

And yes, line of the week award definitely went to Jeff.
Bec said…

That immunity quote is perfect!

(I may also have to steal the one about the limo)
christa said…
these last two episodes have been pretty friggin' awesome. i love watching someone as smart as yul play this game. his line about being able to predict jonathan's moves was AWESOME!

i believe pavarti will make it to the final three. she's got that whole "flying under the radar" thing going on. i don't think she's as dumb as she's being portrayed. i believe she's truly using her skillz as a flirter to make everyone like her.

that said, how can yul *not* win? he's such a peacemaker... even when candace was trying to call him out, he was still "the UN" (as jeff hilariously called him).

i am officially in love with this season.
sooz said…
Oh shit, I wish I hadn't discovered this - as an avid watcher here in OZ we're obviously more than a few episodes behind and I so want to join in with your banter. But I'm so out of the loop. Heck, down here there's still hope that Ozzy might make it through. I do find it very distressing that Adam and Pavarti, who I find obnoxious and singularly wihtout redeeming features, are still going strong. Clearly it's a long way off that I'm going to get to see them walk. I love this show but have to agree with Erica that the way everyone gets on a high horse about who played, who didn't, who played with integrity, who didn't, all that crap is so pathetic. Like it wasn't in the brief, yeah, right.