Survivor - special busy day birthday edition

What a day!

The tree guys showed up -


so that annoying cherry tree with the branch larger than its trunk which was growing precariously over the wires and our roof is now mostly down. The branches provided wonderful material for fort building.

The chair showed up -


we love it and look forward to the ottoman, which is due later this month.

AND we were menaced by a large, deadly animal, who took up residence just outside the kitchen door -


I could barely leave the house.
At one point, the evil beast skibbled under the car and THREW A SMALL STONE AT MY ANKLES.
The dog was not interested in flushing the beast from the driveway.

We celebrated with Middle.
We celebrated Middle...


and then we took our positions - NOW WITH NEW CHAIR!

Jonathan (I'm on Survivor now)is behaving like a pig - but some of us are starting to like him, a little. (I think it is that I admire him for really playing and being honest about it.) But he's pissing other people off, so we'll see...

Poor Candice (who now has tan lines) has gotten the boot - Adam must make do in the shelter with Poverty.

It's night 30 and Jonathan is feeling strong - sounding confident. He's 'not going to let a bunch of kids get the best of him.'

We are treated to a reality show Nyquil commercial - rated stupid by our team of semi-professional commercial raters, but I could use some Nyquil AS I HAVE A COLD WHICH I MAY HAVE TO MENTION A LOT NOW and WHICH I GOT FROM POPPY.

Back at the camp Poverty machetes her thumb and the medical team must be brought in to stitch it up.
At this point I felt a little faint - COULD BE A FEVER - and Adam looks woozy too.

A commercial.
For Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, NOW REMASTERED.
I need to have a little rant about this show.
When I was little the abominable snowman scared the CRAP out of me -
and I FELT TERRIBLE FOR POOR RUDOLPH and was COMPLETELY TRAUMATIZED by the Misfit Toys - what the HELL was up with that? with those horribly sad toys living on an ice flow? I don't think this is a good show for little kids.
I'm only saying.

I can't dwell - it's time for a challenge.
With family members, flown in to make people cry.
After tearful greetings, feigned surprise (oh, my god, it's MY MOTHER! YOU FLEW MY MOTHER TO THE COOK ISLANDS!) we, who have seen many many seasons of Survivor, knew immediately that they would participate in the challenge.
The challenge of flinging water at your loved one.
While blindfolded.
Yes, the blindfolding was a special treat -
and we appreciated it.
We did become concerned, however, that it could take four hours to fill a bucket with this method, but it all turned out right in the end.
And Poverty with her little bandage wins!
And there is joy in the land.
She promptly sends Jonathan, the bastid, to Exile Island, and then chooses Sundra and Adam to join her, with their family members, at an island feast -
with indigenous food.
Meatloaf and fried chicken.
But before the feast, the waters of a cave must be blessed and jumped into.

Back at camp, Ozzy, Yul and Becky are tired. Tired of sharing food with big losers who snuggle all day and don't do any work.
They decide to hide coconuts and stop sharing so much.

Hey, look, Rocky Balboa is opening soon - I'm thinking that right after church, on Christmas Eve, K and I should take the boys to see it! Is it sub-titled? Cause I'm getting older and I can't understand Sly's voice it me? He didn't have any plastic surgery did he?

The winners return to camp and the petulant bunch of food hiders, and guess what?
They have brought meatloaf and chicken and corn to share with the assheads.
Who's a loser now?

Time for a challenge -
swimming and jumping and climbing over obstacles, the survivors must gather poles, connect them and retrieve rings, or something.
There is a lot of falling and it looks very difficult and Ozzy wins.
And he gloats a little.

Everyone is very quiet at camp and Jonathan knows he's screwed.
He makes attempts to save himself, but it's all for naught as he is voted out anyway.
And we cannot be surprised, he was loyal only to himself, and that doesn't go far.
The women continue to fly under the radar, and next week looks like Yul and Becky will solidify their pact.

The weather is bitter.
My nose is running LIKE A HOSE.
I'm going to do some housework and take a rest -


Jess said…
I shouldn't read your blog so quickly - I came away thinking the nasty beast menacing you from your side door, and then throwing stones at you...was Poppy!

Wait - maybe I need Nyquil?

Thank goodness I'm not the only one who hated the freaking big scary monster in Rudolph! And the scene where the deer go over a cliff - I agree, frightening stuff!
Sharon said…
Yes. The bumble was scary. And for that matter, so was Yukon Cornelius. But you've got to love "She thigs I'm CUUUUDDEEEE!"
Poppy B. said…
It's not my fault! This whole cold meme started with Badger.
Anonymous said…
That Beagle really needs to learnwhy it was put on this earth. We had a baby bunny move into our fenced in garden one summer. Pooper would g outside and suddenly the noises...wooo wooo wooow woo WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that would follow as our nose found the bunny were hilarious. Thankfully, we never caugh our quarry. Some nights when husband walks her in the park on the river bank at the end of our stret he will spot the rabbit and she, her nose to the ground, will not even detect its presence. Husband and the bunny have locked eyes a few times, the bunny realising that husband has acknowledged its presence and acknowledging that it will not sic the wilderbeast on it, wanders away slowly chomping at the grass here and there. Or maybe that's just me anthropomorphising it, like I do.
Anonymous said…
That bumble STILL scares the crap outta me!

Hope you feel better soon!
Anonymous said…
You need to feed that bunny some carrots and make him your ally.

He may save your life some day.

God works in mysterious ways...
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the Survivor blog every week--I always come check on it. You seem to notice the same things I do---Candace's tan lines and that Jonathan is channelling Alan Alda (if you can do that while he still lives). Thanks!
Anonymous said…
I have to agree that Jonathan was starting to grow on me, too. I prefer him to Poverty and big grinning fool, for sure.