Survivor the finale

So it opened with a recap of the whole season - which felt like it went on for half an hour but it was really only 8 minutes...and we wait, yawning, for the fallen comrades portion of the telecast which we know will be only slightly bearable.

As this week's action opens, Poverty has been sent to the jury and so Ozzy, Becky, Sundra, Adam and Yul are left.
Poor Adam has no one left to cuddle and we are well aware that his days are numbered.
People realize that they are going to have to fight for themselves now -

There is a final immunity challenge and it is a hugantic (yes, that is a word: huge + gigantic = hugantic) obstacle course with puzzle pieces which must be retrieved and then put together in the most difficult puzzle in the history of the program.

Ozzy wins again, and at the camp Adam tries to swing some votes to Yul so that he is forced to use his hidden immunity idol which would 'stir things up.'

At tribal council we notice that Nate (now on the jury) is limping. We figure he fell at the hotel, on his way to the minibar.
There is some debate over the use of the idol, but it is never needed as Adam is voted out.

At the camp the iTunes celebrate around a campfire, they were the underdogs and now they are the infamous Final Four.
But there isn't much time to party as there is one last challenge to whittle the numbers.
The survivors must stand on small steel perches in the water which have been customized for the size of their feet. At 15 minute intervals a portion of this tiny platform is removed until they are standing on a space the size of half a postcard.
It goes on longer than we thought it would - but you know who wins...Ozzy of course.
Sundra finishes second and she's sad.

And so, going into the last tribal council Ozzy decides and gets the team to agree that they should vote to tie the contest and force a tie breaker.
And that's just what they do.
Becky and Sundra are both voted out - in a tie, and must do a fire-making challenge.
No surprise there.
What is a surprise is that after an hour and a half, neither of the women are able to make fire and Jeff is reduced to giving them matches.
Even with matches Sundra is unable to make a fire and so Becky wins.

On the morning of day 39 some island women bring a fresh fruit and champagne celebratory breakfast...there is lots of talking and final words and somewhere in there there actually was a salute to fallen comrades complete with broad helicopter shots and sweeping emotional music.
Yul, Becky and Ozzy go off to tribal council where they each state their case for the prize.
The jury members get to ask questions or challenge the players but, for the most part, it's all about Yul, who played the game with his brain and Ozzy who played by winning challenges.
People seem to avoid speaking much to Becky and in much the same way that she rode Yul's coattails to get where she was, she rode right into the final three.

There is no pretext of Jeff jetskiing to California to announce the winner, we just find ourselves there amidst the screaming crowds and he reads us the votes with all the drama he can muster.

It is Yul - happily.
We hadn't thought much about it, though I was afraid that Ozzy would win and I wanted Yul to win, so it all seemed right.

I crawled off to bed (horrible allergies) and my mom went home.
I saw a coming attraction for the next Survivor, in Fiji, with snakes.
That doesn't sit too well with for the fact that K has always wanted to go to Fiji and I've never been sure.
Now I KNOW we can't ever go.
One thing off my list.

It's been great recapping for you all -
I appreciate your support.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the recaps - I was obsessed with survivor this season and really was rooting for Ozzie (major crush on him) - though I agreed with Adam that what would a 25 year old do with all that money? I was also shocked at the physical transformations that they all went through between the time the taping of the show ended and the finale - boy Ozzie must have gained all the weight that Jonathan lost!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for this. You're a trooper. I've been so busy lately I haven't been posting, commenting or hardly even reading!
abrowncow said…
i love your recaps. Ozzy should have kept the facial hair. we're still waiting for "Survivor: Arctic Circle" and "Survivor: Cannibalism"