the shopping report

With K 'on vacation' last week we kept pretty busy.
He doesn't like to sit around, my K, and so we spent every day out somewhere.
The week included three or four major shopping trips - and we are ready for Christmas.

We picked up wrapping goods at Target - and our gifts for 'an 11 to 13 year old girl' who is cared for by a local charity. I enjoy shopping for that set of gifts and bought a hat and scarf, mittens and a handbag. It's selfish really as I love shopping for girls.
I found this too -

99cent camera case

A 99 cent case for our camera! The camera store wanted $56 for a case with a sexy red logo for our camera - so I was pretty damn pleased with myself when I found this.

plush carnage

It was carnage over in the plush aisle...CARNAGE I TELL YOU.
So unappealing - and I like plush toys.


Obviously the Tuvaluan school system needs a little more effort in the spelling department.


We moved on.
To Borders.

huge books

These books are just so huge and so cheap that they leave me wondering.
Are they a good gift?
I just can't tell -
they are just so so so big.
You could never read them in bed.
They would crush your chest.

complete earth

I swear, this one was as large as the Earth itself.
Okay, maybe only as big as Asia.
What do you do with a book like this?
I could barely lift it.

I really cannot imagine giving or receiving this book -

garnishing book

it just seems silly.
I can see myself giving a knife skills book with a beautiful knife,
or a baking book with a Silpat -
but somehow a book dedicated to radish roses and celery curls just seems geeky.

fish book

I am guessing that being a Mac person is what has me scratching my head over this.
I'm hoping, cause I don't know WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE.

No matter -
we cleaned UP.

the loot

On to the next...

Fortified with bowls of noodles and cream yakis -


we covered the world of Japanese goods.

Our kids won't just be getting coal from Santa -


they'll be receiving real Japanese charcoal!

Just as soon as I can figure out what to do with it.

hand warmer?

Hand warmer?
Tea cozy?
Moth proof?

We love it!

Fortunately for our bank account, K is back at work this week -
he picked up a Fact Or Crap calendar for his secret Santa, and mysterious boxes have been arriving for a couple of days, so I'm assuming he's done shopping too.

I'm not really feeling it yet.


robiewankenobie said…
i love that you didn't erase that. the commentary was priceless.

also? i'm a wee bit ashamed, but i might possibly die for that garnish set. the obento has me obsessed...
ocbp said…
the big books are popular around here - sit on coffee tables on mahogany row
BabelBabe said…
when i worked at borders, i was always enticed by those big books, but they are generally really badly written.

i like shopping for girls too, I do the same thing - i go buy pretty stuff in pink. i always hope some girly girl gets my stuff : )
Amy A. said…
I like the garnishing book! I may just have to put it on my wish list. You never know when you will need a rose radish.
Anonymous said…
Plush abuse. Someone should call the authorities...
Anonymous said…
Now I feel a bit guilty. My Mother was the recipient of a garnishing book & kit sometime back in the 1960's. I sold it a few years ago in a garage sale. Who knew it might have been a collectible?!
Elan Morgan said…
I may be wrong, but I believe the charcoal is for burning powdered/loose incense.
Anonymous said…
I'm the proud (snort) owner of another book in that series - HTML and XHTML - and it features a delightful 19th century engraving of a koala on the front. I like that the covers are so non-computery.
Anonymous said…
you are so lucky that your husband likes to shop. Personally, i'm headed out to look for japanese charcoal.
Candy said…
I HAVE that book on ancient Egypt. I highly recommend it. :)