Christmas is bearing down on us.
We are thinking about getting ready.

Oldest came by to give Middle his birthday present.

knocking for Middle

Oldest's gift

Middle did not have that dvd (that's what he is saying in the photo) and it was a good choice.


They look big, don't they.
With a new baby born just before Middle's birthday this week I've been thinking a lot about when he was born.
A new baby at Christmas-time. It was nice.

three wee kings

We sent this card the year he was born...

I was going through my card box this afternoon.

card box

I CANNOT buy more cards next year.
And, if you are on my Christmas card list and receive one you've gotten before don't bother to complain about it - I have to use them ALL.

Over the years I have tucked all kinds of papers into this box...

papers use

the neighborhood directory, gift tags, bits of ribbon I've saved...

letter to santa 18 year old letter to Santa

feather envelope

a lovely envelope with no card...


a letter my grandmother wrote a couple of weeks before she died -

buttons and paper

a button (from what?), some pretty paper I couldn't part with, my birth announcement.

because I love you

A card from flowers K had sent on my birthday a few years ago. He was away on a shoot and the florist signed K's first and last name - I smile when I imagine K telling them to write 'because I love you' on the card and then them signing both his names.

I wrote out the cards for K's family.
And one for an internet friend...

card for a friend

We need to do up the house,
write out the cards,
bake breads for the neighbors,
and cookies for us -
wrap the gifts,
buy the food and have our parties.
It will go so slowly while it's happening - and seem to have passed so quickly by the time it's over.


Anonymous said…
I'm so pleased that i am not the only one with a card box.
love the three wee kings.
Suse said…
I dug out my card box today too. So many memories fluttered out at me.

Your boys look big.

Time, she flies by so fast.

(I am eating chocolate from you and feeling wistful as I type)
Anonymous said…
Will K be making sausage this year?
Anonymous said…
How does it feel to have "children" that tall?
Love the Three Wee Kings and the little bird in the last photo.
Hope your Christmas Season is very special.
Anonymous said…
*And, if you are on my Christmas card list and receive one you've gotten before don't bother to complain about it - I have to use them ALL.*
I dug out my Christmas card box today and sent this very message (telepathically, of course) to everyone on my list.
islaygirl said…
i love paper, so i love this post. and i love love love that corner of your birth announcement. i looks like one of those classic ones (of course!) and how cool to have one.
Joanna said…
Was having a mental block about what to do for Christmas cards this year--until I saw your three wee kings. I just found the stamp over at ebay and am going to copy you. Thanks for the inspiration!
--erica said…
beautiful words
Anonymous said…
Your box of paper treasures fills me with happy.