people let me tell you

I love me some Rob And Big
I'm totally digging the Winter Forest.

I'm still making bread.

I've found a new sound.

I've had enough of this.

This just kills me.

I'm finding this mystifying.


Anonymous said…
I love that Nigella...LOVE HER.
The vocab that comes out of that woman's mouth is astounding.
The sound man should win a food porn award. I mean really every slosh and smuck sound is AMPLIFIED.
How does her cardigan cling JUST SO around the ample shelf? Is it glued on?
As my lovely brother in law said when we spoke on Sunday, she is pretentiously unpretentious.
And husband bought me her mezza luna for Christmas....uh huh.
celestial opus said…
My friend is raving about how she loves Rob and Big and made me watch to see if I thought they were gay. There is some definate gaydar action going on, but it confuses the hell out of me. In a good way!
Anonymous said…
Hey, I like Hem too - I just didn't know it, until I followed the link and realized that we have that Christmas CD they are on. Nice.

Also, have to say, love Nigella. Love the Chocolate Cake Hall of Fame, love her slapdashery-style, love that she is so into good food and eats leftovers standing up in front of the frig.

Also, I love Say La Vee - thanks for a great year, and a thousand blessings for 2007.

Anonymous said…
I just found your blog - and that's weird because we comment at a few of the same places.
I'm loving your list and I'm enjoying your blog.
Anonymous said…
OOOOHHHHH! I love ME some Rob and Big too, and Meaty, you gotta love Meaty.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Jo; get yourself a copy of Nigella's How to Eat, and read some great cookery prose.

Hem is great; we listen to two of their CDs quite a lot.

Keep up your wonderful prose!
Anonymous said…
Rob & Big looks like a wild show, reminds me of the Jackass series. It's true man-love mancrush going on there, w/o the sex of course.

I'm mystified by your use of $30.00 designer soap. You seem to be a more practical type person to me. C'est la vie!

Also your bread link goes to the NY Times LOG IN page which you either have to sign in or sign up to view whatever it was you wanted us to see. I'm assuming it was a link to a bread recipe, no?
blackbird said…
The REFILL is $30 - the regular bottle is around $7, which is STILL a boatload of money for dish soap.
I guess I'm practical with a wild streak.

The bread link is for something you have to sign on to...sorry.
Anonymous said…
That's it. I have to make this bread. You're like the 800th person I have seen/heard write/talk about it. I'm giving it my all this weekend.
Anonymous said…
OH, Nigella is my pure addiction. Every single thing of hers I've ever made is absolutely delicious and so straightforward. I do these ribs which come from her and while I change the recipe every single time, her principles stand and they are magnificent. AND if she does make something tricky, she forewarns you and that is such a pleasantry it makes you commit to the recipe regardless.

Oh, and I LOVE McSweeney.