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When we aren't having the universe kick our ass and then hand it back to us with a big hug and kiss, we are trying to get ready for Christmas.
Today K and I did a huge shop, HUGE I TELL YOU, and got the alcoholic beverages for our party gatherings. (We bought an extra case BECAUSE WE NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE.)
We will have lunch on Christmas eve with K's family (and meet our new tiny nephew) and breakfast with mine on Christmas morning.
And then, frankly, we may just go to bed for a while because it's been a long long week (and I haven't even filled you in on any medical updates - but don't worry THEY WILL KEEP).

And, you know what else I have to tell you?
No - you you don't.
He's very very tall that Daniel Renzi.
And gorgeous.


And funny.
And he bought me a big big pitcher of sangria!
I'm pretty sure I fell in love with him and it was an unexpected pleasure.
(Not that I thought he'd be a smallish jerk or anything, but meeting bloggers is very tenuous.)

We strolled through a place filled with treasures, played with very valuable umbrellas, and laughed at phallic crystals...


and played with blackbird bird calls -


And look at these!
Jars of love...
jars of love

I'd buy one for each of you (maybe not the LURKERS) but THEY WERE $80 EACH.


I'll just give you a big VIRTUAL HUG.


Anonymous said…
Get out!! I can't believe your utter coolness.
Suse said…
Just read the last three posts and I am sending you a great big


and a jar of love.
Anonymous said…
"I'd buy one for each of you (maybe not the LURKERS).."

Ouch. That's harsh. I'll come out of lurkdom for an $80 jar of love.

Yesterday's post about your husband leaving his job made me tear up. My husband is currently in a job that he doesn't love and where they don't appreciate him. I can sympathize with how hard that is.

Happy holidays! Love your blog.
blackbird said…
A lurker came out!
Anonymous said…
We too hit the old L.Q. for the festivity stock up. It did come in at half a K, but not too far off. Yikes, who knew we were all such lushes?
I can tell you here, since my mom doesn't come here but does lurk on my two alter ego's. All the festivities we are planning are a surprise for her 60th birthday. I'm a woman with many, many lists as we speak....but nary as much stress as you my luv.
Anonymous said…
Another lurker here! Thank you so much for the enjoyment your blog brings! I can't quite remember how I got here but have shared since. Merry Holidays.
Badger said…
Okay WAIT. How did you meet Dan? Dan, whom I only know about because of my friend D who met him when he was filming something here? My friend D, who is responsible for my friend Bookhart and her husband starting to date way back in college? My friend Bookhart, whom I met via blogging?


And also how come I never get to meet any hot blogging guys? Hot blogging women, sure, I've met tons. But I DON'T SWING THAT WAY.

I am baffled and disgruntled.

Oh! But I hope the medical updates are good and whatnot!
Anonymous said…
HEY! Dan used to live here. I was emailing with him earlier this year to try and get him to be the mystery guest at my girls night dinner and he was totally into it. He couldn't that time though and then he moved. Damn. Too cool, small world.
Anonymous said…
long time lurker, first time poster. oh my, having my two favorite bloggers meet up is almost too much to bear. how I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall...or been invited. i hope you gave dan a huge hug for all of us. I just saw those "jars of love" today - in the same place you did, i believe.

I love your blog and am thankful to have found you this year. You bring a lot of joy, thought and humor into my life. Wishing you a happy xmas and 2007.
Anonymous said…
Yup, the guy is gorgeous.
Sounds fun, too. And what? Not a blonde now?

I can hear the joy in your posting. Honey, you are 40 pounds of worry lighter. What a great Christmas for you all there in Tuvalu.

But I need to ask you a personal question: Are you still loving the short hair?
Anonymous said…
i'm a mostly lurker too, but a faithful one. i even but you on my bloglines, like i know what that is! and how fun is it that you had drinks w/DR? you are seriously one cool lady.
Amy A. said…
Thanks for the love. It is the thought that counts.

Merry Christmas! And good job bringing out those lurkers!
Anonymous said…
$80!? I'm totally becoming an artiste.

I was internet-absent for a bit, just caught up -- well, okay, I didn't catch up, but lucky for me, your recent most recent posts covered the most important thing. And left me wondering about the future of the employed person typing this and the one making dinner in my kitchen. It's good when the universe is fast on the upswing and promising for us, too.

Meanwhile. I need to go pick up a case of cheer somewhere. Happy happy!
Anonymous said…
Oh so do not want to be a lurker anymore. Merry Christmas to you, Blackbird and your family. I hope you all have a very merry, healthy & prosperous 2007!
Anonymous said…
a jug of love is 80 bucks???
sara said…
Hi Blackbird -- Merry Christmas to you and your family.

I also read your post regarding the recent universal ass-kicking and guess what -- same thing happened to my husband last Friday.

It *does* make for a long long week.

But we will all get through it and I am sending you and your family all of the best thoughts, wishes, and luck for the future.
Anonymous said…
Lurkers felt tickled and came all out apparently...
BB, the simple fact that you thought about us (I am including myself in the "not lurkers" if you don't mind) well that's worth some million times the value of the jar.
Not only you are a cool person/mom/wife/friend/blogger you are sweet too!
--erica said…
Hugs back BB.
Love in a jug for $80...gee so cheap?
They are wonder-ful but $80!!

Your hug is the best!

Merry Christmas!