open letters

To the guy with the new car who waits near me at 3:10 every day -
I see your new car. I know it was expensive. Honest. I know about cars. I realize you paid a lot for it. Really.

Dear furniture delivery notification person,
I understand that your job may not be very exciting. Making phone calls to strangers to inform them of their expected delivery time, within a three hour window, may not be the most interesting job in the world. But we are very excited about our new furniture, and if you are going to tell us about its delivery as if you are announcing the barometric pressure, ie, if you drone on and on on our answering machines regarding the arrival of our long desired leather chair, we just may lose the will to go on. And you don't want that on your head, do you?

To My Brand New Nephew Who Was Just Born, Like, Half An Hour Ago -
Whew. That took a while. I hope you weren't too hard on your mom. We've been waiting for you - you've got a lot of work ahead of you. Please don't have colic.
Aunt blackbird.


Anonymous said…
I do like your open letters oh, so v. much.

And, congrats on your new nephew...
Badger said…
Ooo! Congrats! On the nephew and the chair!
--erica said…
Aunt Blackbird.
very sweet indeed.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations, Bird family!

(I bet you're already his favorite auntie!)
Anonymous said…
Oh, A

Lucky You.
Lucky sil.

Hope she and the little fellow are doing well.
Anonymous said…
Auguri zia BB!!!
Happy Birth day Baby!! Welcome!
Don't worry yoour Auntie will let you jump on that new furniture, she loves you that much!!
tut-tut said…
A new baby! How wonderful. It makes this season even more exciting!
Suse said…
Smooches to you and the new babe.

Sniff the top of his head for me.