one of Santa's helpers

I went to the allergist the other day.
I've been suffering - eyes itching, nose clogged, throat scratching, chest tight for weeks and months.
One day it suddenly occurred to me that I might need medical attention. It was an epiphany! Why not go to the doctor, I thought, and so I did.

There were a lot of forms to fill out and I sat working on them as patients came and went. (I'm guessing that they were coming in for allergy shots as it was a steady, fast-paced stream.)
I looked up and noticed that a rather large, very round priest was sitting across from me, reading his bible.
He was called in by one of the receptionists and he flirted with them saying: it seems a shame to leave a room of beautiful women for a shot.
He had twinkly eyes and chubby red cheeks.
When he returned I smiled at him and wished him a happy Christmas...

It's a terrible time to be an agnostic, isn't it?
said he.

I'm a Unitarian,
I offered.

Ah, well then, you get the best of everything! May the good lord bless you!

And with that, he was off.
A blessing from a priest. (I was pleased to receive it)
A pinch of Christmas spirit.
And big red welts on my arms from 30 allergy tests.


Anonymous said…
I had the allergy tests when I was 5. It was the late 50s and I clearly remember being perched on a high stool to wait for the nurse. In she walked, dressed in a starched dress and hat (remember those nurses' hats? Ha!) carrying a briefcase. When she opened it, it was lined on each side with hypodermic needles. I much prefer the current scratch tests!
Sweet story, BB. Merry Christmas.
RW said…
I am amazed that you went to the doctor and then immediately following you went for your allergy tests... here in canada, you would have to first wait about 3 months to see the dermatologist and then you wait another 6 months to see the allergist....
Badger said…
Are you allergic to everything, like my kids? They reacted to every single thing when they were tested, except the saline. Oy.
Anonymous said…
Allergy shots--it's how I kept up with pop culture when I was in high school--every week, I had to wait twenty minutes after the shots and that's when I read People magazine.

Wishing you luck on the allergic front.
Caterina said…
I suffer from mild allergies (that's my clinical diagnosis), not enough to require shots. I wish you well.

That priest story was cute. I envisioned him jolly & fat, almost santa-ish, ha.
Anonymous said…
I'd tick that as an Official Santa Sighting, were I you.

Sorry about the red welts. Interestingly, I sent a half pint of blood to a lab in the Great Smokies, and they came up with the Exact Same Allergies as patch testing. With 1/100000th of the pain. Down to genera and species...